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God Is in the tiny Stuff, 20th Anniversary Edition

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Bruce and Stan"https://priziv.org/god-is-in-the-small-stuff/imager_2_17603_700.jpgs bestselling God Is in the little Stuff is ago and far better than ever before in this distinct 20th-anniversary edition! and also their message--God is in all of life"https://priziv.org/god-is-in-the-small-stuff/imager_2_17603_700.jpgs tiny details--is as timely today as it to be two years ago.

While encouraging girlfriend not to overlook the minor, insignificant points in life, God Is in the tiny Stuff invites a better understanding of God"https://priziv.org/god-is-in-the-small-stuff/imager_2_17603_700.jpgs infinite character, reminding you that He is a personal and intimate God, involved in every information of your life. Every chapter has commentary in the classic, tongue-in-cheek Bruce and Stan style, followed by pithy, regularly humorous, wisdom.

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