This week’s lesson proceeds from part 1 of Noah’s Ark. If you missed it, you might download that from priziv.org because that free. This week’s lesson focuses on oh my god promises and faithfulness. Our holy bible reading is Genesis 8-9. Few of our crucial points are:

God always keeps His promises.We must wait for God’s timing.We should offer thanks come God.

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It is crucial that your child understands what it method to make and keep a promise. Ask castle if they understand what it method and provide them gentle direction and also explain to define further.

Ask if your child thinks it is important to keep a promise. Re-publishing a time friend promised to perform something, but something happened, and you were unable to store your promise. Define how God is not choose us. God is all powerful and nothing can hinder Him.

Think around a time you promised to do something v your child and they had to wait. For example, go to the park after clean the house. Share the it is sometimes tough to wait because that a promise. Noah and his family members were in the ark because that a lengthy time, but they preserved trusting God and His promise to store them safe.

God took care of Noah and also his family also while they were waiting. The is vital for us to always thank God because that taking treatment of us.

Show a photo of a rainbow. Review the colors through your child. Define that God put the rainbow in the skies to remind us that He always keeps His Promises.

Learn and repeat together: numbers 23:19 ‘Whatever God promises, he does.”

Ask your son if lock know any type of promises God has made. Share with the child some of God’s various other promises native the Bible. This week’s craft has seven holy bible promises. One because that each color of the rainbow. The handmade could also be used to evaluation one promise each day. For example, do the cloud and attach the red on day one and then include one more color each day for the rest of the week, finding out a new promise every day.

Bible lesson video

God keeps His guarantees – holy bible story for kids



I spy colors

Nice and also easy video game that deserve to be played anywhere. Just start by saying “I spy miscellaneous (color) and the child need to guess. If your son is old enough, take it turns. Shot to reinforce the color. For example, if your child responds “ball”, you have the right to say, “Yes, the eco-friendly ball.”

Color sorting

There are countless ways come play this game. Every you need is a repertoire of different colored objects (clothing pegs, pom-poms, bits that paper, structure blocks, really anything.)

On a piece of paper, draw some circles making use of different shade pens. Asking the boy to sort out all the objects and put castle in the exactly circle. If you have a little an ext time, you might even repaint some cardboard tubes, to do shoots because that the objects to on slide down right into the exactly container.

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Color scavenger hunt

Draw some color circles on some paper. Ask your kid to find one object of each shade as conveniently as possible. Hint, it renders it much an ext enjoyable if friend make certain that there are objects of each shade in the room.

Rainbow fruit Salad

You will need: some transparent plastic cups and also fruit of various colors (strawberries, bananas, oranges, blueberries, kiwi, pineapple etc.)

Have the children aid you wash and prepare the fruit. Assist them come scoop or place one great of every fruit in their cup to do a rainbow. Pretty, yummy and also healthy!