Children color the picture and adhesive the native in the correct box. Lock can additionally glue top top a felt love or happy confront sticker over the love in the picture.

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$2.00 prompt Downloadable patterns -- consists of both boy and girl printables in NIV and also KJV

Children make one or 2 pages the the God make Me publication for every lesson.

Cover- kids can draw a picture of us or glue a picture on the cover.

Page 1 - "I have the right to Write mine Name" - kids practice printing their name. The teacher help them to fill in a chart around what they deserve to do, how plenty of brothers and sisters castle have, how plenty of pets castle have, etc.

Page 2- mine Wonderful eyes - children draw photos of wonderful points they deserve to see the God has made.

Page 3 - my Eyes space This color - children color images of eye to match their very own eye colors and also then occupational on a chart the shows exactly how many children in their course have each eye color.

Page 4 - mine Listening ears - children draw images of things they can hear.

Page 5 - my Beautiful Feet - youngsters trace your feet when numerous different colors of crayons.

Page 6 - good Things I can do v My Feet - The teacher helps children fill out a chart that reflects what each child have the right to do v their feet. Children draw images with their feet.

Page 7 - mine Helping hands - kids make a handprint.

Page 8- good Things I deserve to Do v My hands - The teacher helps children fill out a chart that reflects what they deserve to do with their hands. Youngsters draw pictures.

Page 9 - an excellent Things I can Do through My Mouth - The teacher helps youngsters fill the end a graph that shows what they can do v their mouths. Kids count their teeth and draw that number of teeth top top a photo of a mouth.

Page 10 - my Happy mind - children cut the end heart shapes and also glue them on the page. They attract happy faces on the hearts.


Available as an immediate Download because that $3.00


made to serve God Coloring sheet with scriptures Verses


The trends are available in both KJV and NIV and also in Color and Black and also White.




Your children will love seeing images of us in this printable book, and also will desire to review it over and over. You can take pictures in course or have actually parents bring in pictures of their children to include in the book. The window for the photo is cut out and also the pictures are videotaped to the ago of the page. The pages deserve to be laminated to make the book more durable.

*Note - always get permission native parents before taking images of their children.

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Instant Download sample $2.00 -

Lesson 1 - God do Me!

In the an initial lesson in this collection your youngsters will find out that God developed everything, however he developed man in a really special way. The breathed his very breath right into him and gave the life. His breath flows with us today through his divine Spirit. God offers us life and he wants united state to be happy and also live ours life for him.