God ordains the times and places where we should live

Did you recognize that not just did God produce each one of us yet he put us in this world in this times and also in a specific place that His choosing? none of this is by chance or error. We might not be happy around God’s selection of timing or place. ~ all, the times are troubled and the world (some locations in particular) is shaky.

There is small we can do around living in this times. Us can’t re-invent ourselves in another time. However, God offered us a cost-free will and also a life come live the means we choose. So we have the right to move about for everything reasons we think about valid. We have the right to move come a ar we believe will market us much more money, greater security or a much better life-style. We may like come agree v the media when we space reminded regularly that we ‘deserve the best’.

A native of warning. We don’t deserve the best. We don’t worthy anything, sinners that we are. However, God loves us and also has a setup for every of united state which he wants to occupational out in our life. For this to take place we require to allow God to it is in in control, to surrender our life and future come him. To choose up ourselves, family, life and also possessions and also go somewhere else may be contrary to God’s arrangement for us. ~ above the other hand, it’s feasible that His arrangement may be to send us to an additional place. He moves His civilization from location to ar all the time so the His purposes might be achieved. However, it’s God’s prerogative to take the initiative, not ours. When we are in oh my gosh will, His hand is top top us. Once we relocate out the His will, we become targets for the enemy.

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Rather than being unhappy or also fearful around where we are and casting about for various other options, probably we should be praying: “Father, You have placed me here at this time. Just how do You want to usage me? How have the right to I be available to friend so the You deserve to work the end Your purposes in this place?”

So, in an significantly insecure world, these words that Scripture offer to root and also ground us. They carry out us v the protection of knowing that we room where us are due to the fact that that’s what God has ordained, and to date He has not shown us otherwise.

Prayer: Father, it’s not a mistake that i am life in insecure time in a ar that’s challenging and periodically frightening. Please help me draw my defense from You and not from the ar where i live. Present me just how I deserve to be your instrument of peace and healing here and also now, how I have the right to shine with Your love and also joy and how I can share the great news of who You room with those roughly me. Amen.

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From one man he make every country of men, that they have to inhabit the totality earth; and he determined the times set for them and also the precise places whereby they must live.Acts 17:26, NIV


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