Those native reverberate transparent the an initial two chapters of Genesis. That’s why the hole thud of Genesis 2:18 packs so lot power. “It is not an excellent that the guy should be alone.” Those words don’t seem to belong in a pre-Genesis 3 world. Yet, they are below to highlight the prestige of the woman to the man. His aloneness is no good.

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But what of that aloneness. Why is it no good?

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A personal Anecdote

early in our marriage, in mine pre barbeque grill days, ns loathed the times as soon as my wife would leave for a couple of days come visit family. Ns knew that I had a secure diet that McDonalds, fish sticks, and also pizza rolls till she returned. I was helpless without her mad cooking skills. So the was certainly not an excellent that Mike was alone. Yet this can not be what the message means. Adam might have been a good cook, i’m sure.

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Man"s Need

probably it’s not good for Adam due to the fact that he is a sexual being. Every other creature had a mate. They might all reproduce. But not Adam. Is he burn with sex-related desire and also so the not an excellent for him to be alone? Or is it part other need which Adam has within himself the cannot it is in met apart from a woman? Is it an emotionally need? A physical need? A spirituality need?

Yes and also no.


To spread His Glory

ns believe every one of those are component of the answer because that why the is not an excellent for Adam to be alone. However there is a much greater reason why that not great for the to be alone and it’s found in the text. When God claimed in Genesis 1:26, “Let united state make male in our image…” and also then in Genesis 1:28 tasked them v being fruitful and multiply and have ascendancy over the earth he to be tasking humankind with dispersing His glory throughout the entirety world. He was calling upon humanity to accurately photo Him.

J.I. Packer puts that this way, referring to the task of the church:

“The task of the church is to do the invisible kingdom visible through faithful Christian living and also witness-bearing.” (Concise Theology, 194)

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A Community

therefore the an essential reason why it to be not great for Adam to be alone was not due to the fact that of a should fulfilled within Adam, however rather since of a deficiency in his ability to accurately photo God. That couldn’t make the invisible kingdom clearly shows while he to be alone because the invisible kingdom is a community. Adam needed Eve to accurately reflect God.

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Oneness as a Symbol

Yes, we required a first pair in order to have actually humanity it is in fruitful and multiply. Yet foundational come this is that Adam and also Eve essential to live in unity through one another, “the two come to be one flesh” so the the inter-Trinitarian relationship of Father, Son, and also Spirit might be properly modeled.

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Represent the Glory the God

This is useful for us to think around with our marriages. Ours spouse is not given to us to fundamentally be for us and our enjoyment. The is primarily so the we have the right to live as one flesh and represent the glory the God to the nations. My mam was offered to me to help me be an ext like Jesus and to better represent him. The perspective certainly changes they means I see the purpose of our marriage and also the reason God has provided me this gift.

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I feel a short note below is necessary to speak that i am not intending to say below that one who is solitary cannot accurately photo God. Over there is no some deficit in you which requirements fulfilled by a spouse. Yet, friend are called to live in community and also to be fruitful and multiply in the ways in i beg your pardon God phone call you. More could be said, yet I felt a quick note about what i am no saying would be wise.

Mike Leake is the Lead minister at FBC Marionville in Marionville, Missouri. He is currently pursuing his M.Div. At southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Mike is married to Nikki, and they have two children, Isaiah and also Hannah. You can follow the on Twitter