One that the storylines indigenous this choice that will last far past this project season, i hope, is how countless candidates claimed that God wanted them to operation for President… only to dash their hopes months later. God loves playing handy jokes with politicians, ns guess.

The current Republican frontrunner Donald Trump cases to be a man of God, though his action don’t show it at all. That can’t also pretend to it is in a practicing Christian there is no screwing up.

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That’s why the seems prefer a good time to revisit every the candidates who directly or indirectly stated God had actually a hand in convincing lock to run for office.

Nearly every one of them have due to the fact that dropped out of the race.

Scott Walker:

As you have the right to imagine, the month leading approximately my announcement that I would run for President that the United claims were filled v a the majority of prayer and also soul searching.

Here’s why: I needed to be specific that running was oh my gosh calling — not just man’s calling. Ns am certain: This is God’s setup for me and also I to be humbled to it is in a candidate for President that the unified States.

Walker dropped the end long before the first primary votes were cast.

Ben Carson:

When asked by the Christian transfer Network’s David Brody if God had got him by the collar yet about a potential presidential run, Carson responded with, “I feel fingers.”

He officially to reduce out previously this month, though the momentum had actually been fading for part time.

Rick Perry:

While he stayed away from speak God want him to operation this time around, God certainly egged the on four years earlier. He defined to a radio organize at the time:

And then this just whole organic buildup of people who usually said, girlfriend know, for everything reason, we’re no comfortable with the hold of human being who are coming front to speak they desire to it is in the next president that the joined States. And we look at her record, us look you and we desire you to carry out this. And also it has been an tremendous outpouring and also I deserve to tell you that has provided me the calmness in my heart that, friend know, God sends messages with a many ways and through a most messengers.

Perry was the an initial person to drop the end this time around.

Rick Santorum:

Much like Rick Perry, Santorum avoided saying God want him to run this time around. However in 2011, his mam made clear that Rick was running due to the fact that it was component of God’s Plan.

The previous Pennsylvania senator’s wife, Karen, said CBN News in 2011 the her husband’s candidacy was about “defending God’s truth in the world,” explaining the “it really boils down to oh my god will. What is it the God wants? … We have prayed a lot around this decision, and also we think with every our hearts that this is what God wants.

Santorum didn’t get very far at every this year, dropping out soon after the Iowa caucuses.

Mike Huckabee:

As you can expect indigenous the evangelical Christian, Huckabee asked civilization to pray because that God’s blessing for him to gain in the race:

And whether it’s me or someone else, and also I do ask world to pray. Because that me, this is not just a politics or financial decision, it is a spirituality decision. Girlfriend know, the only thing worse than not being elected president would certainly be come be chosen president without God’s blessing. Ns can’t think of a worse ar in the people to be 보다 in the Oval Office without God’s hand top top you. I’d quite not get near the place. But if that’s a purpose, so it is in it. And that’s mine prayer.

He additionally dropped out best after the Iowa caucuses.

Rand Paul:

Paul summary alluded come God in his campaign announcement:

To rescue a an excellent country now adrift, sign up with me as together we seek a brand-new vision because that America. Today ns announce with God’s help, through the help of liberty lover everywhere, that i am placing myself forward together a candidate for president the the United states of America.

He joined the society of post-Iowa-Caucus dropouts.

Marco Rubio:

Rubio mentioned God summary in his announcement, despite it wasn’t until later on in the project when he really played the religion card:

I acknowledge the difficulties of this campaign, and I identify the requirements of this office that i seek, however in this endeavor, as in all things, I discover comfort in the ancient command: be strong and courageous. Execute not tremble or it is in dismayed because that the Lord her God is with you where you go.

Rubio ultimately dropped out this main after God couldn’t also get his home state that Florida to offer him a victory. He said on Tuesday night, “it is not God’s plan that ns be chairman in 2016 or possibly ever.”

John Kasich:

My family members is a consideration, and also number two, the most crucial thing is, what walk the Lord want me to carry out with mine life? you know, the puts united state on Earth, every one of us ~ above Earth, come achieve specific purposes, and I’m trying to recognize if this is what the lord wants, and I’m not going to figure that the end laying in bed hoping lightning strikes, so I’m the end there one foot in prior of another. We’ll watch what happens.”

Kasich is right now a distant third in the race, hoping the a contested Republican nominating procedure (not exactly the magnificent hand the God) will certainly propel him come victory.

Ted Cruz:

Cruz, the Constitution-lover who seeks to dismantle the an initial Amendment, announced his campaign at Liberty University and also ran since his wife got a cryptic authorize from God. Here’s how his father Rafael Cruz called the story:

My child Ted and also his family members spent 6 months in prayer seeking God’s will for this decision. However the day the final green light came on, the totality family was together. It to be a Sunday. We were all at his church, an initial Baptist Church in Houston, consisting of his senior staff. ~ the church service, we all gathered in ~ the pastor’s office. We were on our knees for two hrs seeking God’s will. In ~ the finish of that time, a native came v his wife, Heidi. And also the indigenous came, simply saying, “Seek God’s face, not God’s hand.” and I’ll call you, that was as if there was a cloud that the divine spirit filling the place. Some of us to be weeping, and also Ted just looked up and also said, “Lord, below am I, usage me. Ns surrender to you, whatever you want.” and also he felt that was a eco-friendly light to move forward.

Cruz is tho in the race, though it doesn’t look prefer he’ll be able to beat trump card in regards to delegates.

That means one the the least religious candidates top top the Republican side — no issue what he says to the contradictory — is on monitor to get the Party’s nomination. So much for God’s will.

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To their credit, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Carly Fiorina, Jim Gilmore, Lindsey Graham, Bobby Jindal, and George Pataki didn’t make overt mentions the God in their project announcements. They may have brought up religion throughout the campaign, however it didn’t help.