After critical year’s A Godwink Christmas met v rave reviews and also an audience the 12.5 million viewers, Hallmark quickly determined to produce one more Godwink movie for 2019. A Godwink Christmas: meant for Love speak the true love story that Alice and Jack Totah from among the first of the twelve Godwink books, and stars Cindy Busby, Benjamin Hollingsworth, and also once again, Kathie Lee Gifford. Shoot in Canada, the movie revolves approximately a “chance” meeting in between Alice and also Jack, every of whom has actually been disappointed by failure relationships. They speak for hours and discover that they’ll be attending the exact same out-of-town wedding the following day. Jack argues they do the eight-hour expedition together and also they hit that off! Alice is sure she’s found the man she wants to marry, yet wonders if Jack will feel likewise when she speak him she has multiple sclerosis.

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Synopsis (via Hallmark)

Kathie Lee plays a Christmas delegating mother who calls her shop owner daughter, Alice. Kathie Lee is like, “Where are you! You’re absent all the mandatory fun?!” (She pre-sorts the ornaments!) This family members is well-off and really white. They space concerned around franchise stores coming to the communities the key strip in Minneapolis.

Jack lives in Wisconson and also is on his means to Minneapolis because that work throughout the holidays. His family is method less high maintenance, pretty sure it is simply his uncle.

Alice goes come a Christmas party the Kathie Lee forces her to walk to. (And then has the gall to be late.) leaving Alice time to bump into Jack and have part romantic flirty banter. Jack realizes that he is in ~ the not correct Christmas party. Castle realize that they room going to the exact same wedding in Iowa, and also when Alice’s journey cancels top top her, Jack offers to walk on a road expedition the following day.

I’m happy this road expedition is slightly awkward. They talk about the vehicle temperature and also what music to play. (Christmas after Halloween, that course.) One gas prevent in, and also they gain a flat tire. To death time if the tires is obtaining replaced, they walk around and also find a little shop. If looking in ~ items, they talk around their dead parents. (His in a auto crash and her dad when she was younger.) climate they make eye angels.

They obtain to the hotel and see that their rooms room right throughout the hall.

At the wedding, Kathie Lee learns around Jack. She is ALL around IT. Jack sit at Alice’s family table and also gets grilled. Afterward, Alice and also Jack run at the wedding and also have a fun time. Jack also offers Alice a ride ago to the city. Alice is a small freaked out, and also Kathie Lee sets she straight, informing her to check out the Godwinks.

On the drive back, Jack asks Alice what she would carry out if she weren’t running the family store. She likes communicating and also connecting v people. Will she start a podcast? Once earlier in town, he drops she off. Her residence is ideal by his hotel the he says once he is in town.

Alice has been suffering numbness and tremors in her hands and also legs. She books an appointment with a doctor, and we check out the doctor’s visit, which isn’t a great sign. We never ever see doctors’ visits uneven she is about to get REALLY sick.

While baking cooking, Jack opens up up about being a caretaker because that his brother, who had actually a brain tumor. Alice is grateful for the opening approximately her. They organize hands and virtually kiss, however the timer walk off. He invites she to pertained to see Wisconson sometime. She cancels work and also goes v him the next day.

In Wisconson, Alice security time through Jack’s uncle while the is in some service meetings. Jack gets a promotion and will live in Minneapolis. He is excited to get to spend an ext time through Alice. Alice realizes that she wants to it is in a therapist, and also it is Jack that inspired her come take risks in life.

Kathe Lee is concerned around her daughter missing and goes end to her apartment to uncover lots that cookies. “Where are you?” she wonders.

Alice it s okay a voicemail from she doctor and also goes to watch her best away. Alice is diagnosed with MS. (Cindy Busby, again walk some excellent acting here finding the end the news.) thankfully Jack calls to distract her and invites her for dinner. In ~ dinner, Jack can tell miscellaneous is off.

Alice breaks points off through Jack and ignores his calls. (She doesn’t want to put him v what she is handle with.) Kathie Lee is worried about her daughter and goes to inspect on her. Alice cries, hugs she mother, and tells her around the diagnosis. Kathie Lee claims her daughter is worthy that love and also encourages she to tell Jack.

Alice offloads the save on one more relative who is much better suited for the job. One more one that Alice’s family members members speak Jack her health business. The whole family plan a surprised for Alice. Jack hold up indications from across the street of Alice’s apartment. The signs say the he knows about her MS and also still loves her.

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Alice doesn’t get outraged in ~ her family members for meddling. All the Godwinking has gained her in a great mood! The family gets rid of out, and also they kiss under the mistletoe.

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