Godzilla: King the The Monsters' After-Credits Scene explained Godzilla: King the the Monsters has actually an after-credits scene that sets up the MonsterVerse"s future well beyond King Kong. Us explain.

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Godzilla: King that the Monsters" after-credits scene sets up the return the Ghidorah, teasing even more threats come Gojira than just King Kong. The giant atomic lizard will return in following year"s Godzilla vs. Kong, but his movie future now shows up to stretch beyond that grudge match.

The monster sequel ends v Godzilla having defeated the extraterrestrial three-headed dragon Ghidorah in battle and also emerge as the true King of the Monsters, now commanding Rodan and a host of brand-new Titans, including a large arachnid, a bulky MUTO and also trunk-less mammoth. He"s truly asserted his dominance and also now has actually an army to rebalance to world (hopefully because that good).

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But this victory might be short-lived. Two opposing human being organizations want to control the Titans in various forms, there"s a gigantic ape ~ above Skull Island who may have actually a grudge to resolve and, as the Godzilla: King that the Monsters" after-credits step hints, Ghidorah himself might return. Here"s what the stinger means for the future the the MonsterVerse.

Godzilla: King of The Monsters" After-Credits Scene: Jonah Alan Buys Ghidorah"s various other Head

Godzilla: King of the Monsters" post-credits scene returns come Isla de Mara, the website of Rodan"s emergence previously in the film. A fisherman leads a group of civilization - later on revealed to it is in led through Charles Dance"s Jonah Alan, who escaped Boston before the large kaiju fight - down a hallway, stating that they"re in a "brave new world" complying with the "rise that the King." He also reveals that, following the Oxygen Destroyer"s deployment through the US military in a bid to death Godzilla and Ghidorah, lock can"t fish in the sea anymore (as presented earlier, all marine life to be killed). And, so, they"ve turned to more illicit approaches of do money.

The fisherman bring away Alan and his crew into a large room that consists of one of Ghidorah"s top - the one Godzilla tore off throughout their fight simply off the coast - which dance menacing states, "we"ll take it it."

Ghidorah will certainly Return - however Man-Made?

Mecha-King Ghidorah in Godzilla
The noticeable implication below is that, while King Ghidorah may have actually been killed in Godzilla: King that the Monsters, he"s no gone for good. Jonah Alan will, in some form, attempt to lug the three-headed dragon back to life, may be under his very own control.

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The many immediate way for this to happen would be for Ghidorah"s fourth head to regenerate a new body, a turning back of how the three-headed monster regrew a replacement for it. The logic of the - with any kind of removal the a head producing a whole new monster - would certainly be crazy, yet certainly fits in the reasonable of the MonsterVerse.

However, going back to the Toho films, there"s one more possibility. In 1991"s Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah the initial Ghidorah was augmented with mechanical center head, wings and body to become Mecha-King Ghidorah, developed to safeguard Japan from a rampaging Godzilla. This an innovation was the first iteration the what would become the more well-remembered Mechagodzilla.

I would make feeling for this come be whereby the MonsterVerse will head next: human-created and controlled Titans, through Ghidorah the first test case. However, the doesn"t mean we"re talking huge robots as in the Japanese films. When Monarch learned Jonah Alan was heading to site 32 in Antarctica, they at first assumed he to be going because that Monster Zero samples, not to awaken creature, suggesting the eco-terrorists methods before he became part of Emma Russell"s awakening plot. Can that be what he"s really buying here: not Ghidorah"s head as much as the extraterrestrial DNA the contains, v an eye to genetically recreating the creature? This bio-engineered, manmade monster would certainly certainly carry a brand-new edge come Godzilla"s commentary on the ills that humanity"s weapons.

Whether mechanical or genetic, though, the obvious story direction would certainly be among control. Jonah Alan witnessed his attempts to water level in a brand-new world bespeak under his command collapse together the Titans supremacy overpowered his. If a new Ghidorah is his effort to rebalance the scales - one of two people by regulating the Titans, death Godzilla, or both - there"d be delicious irony in the creation transforming on the creator.

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Is King the The Monsters" After-Credits scene Teasing Godzilla vs. Kong Or Godzilla 3?

Godzilla King Kong Monsterverse Timeline
also if this is whereby the MonsterVerse is going, it"s still not automatically clear what story Godzilla: King the the Monsters" after-credits step is setting up. The next - just thus much only shown - MonsterVerse movie is following year"s Godzilla vs. Kong from director Adam Wingard. However, together that movie will surely be much more directly concentrated on the titular bout, a whole brand-new side-story with Ghidorah - another threatening alpha - might be overkill.

Instead, it would certainly seem this is looking additional ahead and setup up Godzilla 3. The manmade terror would certainly be suitable escalation because that the mainline series, while also providing a method for legend to possibly peak the emperors of monsters vs. Apes.

Currently, though, there room no main Godzilla 3 plans. In fact, after ~ Godzilla vs. Kong, no MonsterVerse movies have actually been dated. However that doesn"t mean there aren"t tasks in development. Legendary CEO Joshua Grode has said there are discussions about the franchise"s future, and also if Godzilla: King that the Monsters is a box office success, make a 3rd solo outing would certainly be a no brainer.

Godzilla and Kong v Orca
although Godzilla: King of the Monsters" post-credits scene is focused away indigenous Skull Island and its giant ape ruler, the doesn"t typical the films" ending is devoid of following year"s monster mash. The initial closing credits to Godzilla 2 tell the story complying with the final fight, detailing exactly how the return of Titans does result in a reversal of several of humanity"s damage to the Earth and also Monarch opening up about the creatures.

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However, together it goes on, the story becomes more targeted. There"s mention of seismic disturbance in Skull Island and also Titans being drawn there, through one title positing "what is a King to a God?" every one of this points in the direction of a conflict in between Kong and Godzilla, with both attempting come assert alpha dominance over the many other Titans. This standing quo was teased by Godzilla vs. Kong"s synopsis, and also will be wherein the MonsterVerse picks up next year.