Post-credits scenes space all the rage currently in Hollywood blockbusters, and also Godzilla: King of the Monsters was no exception. The final minutes that the sequel verified Charles Dance’s eco-terrorist character Alan Jonah and also his men in Mexico to buy the severed King Ghidorah head for a yet-to-be-revealed purpose. Yet there was a 2nd post-credits scene conceived for King of the Monsters, and this one revolved approximately Mothra.

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According to Godzilla: King of the Monsters manager Michael Dougherty, this scene would have actually seen Zhang Ziyi’s primary character, Dr. Ilene Chen, traveling to Tokyo and also entering what looks choose a restaurant/bar. Climate she walked under a staircase causing what looks choose an “ancient temple,” comparable to the one checked out in China in ~ the beginning of the movie. Dougherty continued:

Then, she meets up v her similar twin sister and also the pair sister is expressing she concerns around whether they must go v with this or not, the these girls are so young, and they"re not sure if they"re ready. Ziyi says, "So were us once" and they emerge into this huge chamber whereby we reveal a second Mothra egg and in former of that space two little girls, possibly three or four years old, likewise identical twins and also they"re singing the Mothra song to the egg to obtain it to hatch. I was heartbroken that us didn"t gain to shoot that since it would certainly have evidenced that she was playing the Mothra twins, i m sorry is a deep cut reference indigenous the initial films.

For those who need a refresher top top Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Zhang Zhi briefly showed up as Ilene’s twin sister, Lin, alongside Joe Morton’s Dr. Houston Brooks in the scene when Mothra emerges from her cocoon totally grown. The winged Titan climate flew to help Godzilla in his fight against King Ghidroah. She sacrificed herself so the reptile could emerge victorious versus the three-headed dragon-like creature, and also as the King that the Monsters credits were rolling, us learned a second Mothra egg has actually been discovered.

Thanks to Michael Dougherty’s interview through ComicBookMovie, we recognize there can have been some elaboration on the 2nd egg, longtime Mothra fans would have been treated to the Mothra twins, who have been component of the creature’s mythos because the beginning. In the initial Toho movies, the Mothra twins are fairies that communicate to human being on behalf of Mothra.

The reality that Zhang Zhi was play twins in Godzilla: King the the Monsters was currently seen as a nod come Mothra’s roots, however this cut scene would have taken that a action further, revealing the not only do the Chen sisters have a background with Mothra, however now there’s a brand-new set of pair to look after the 2nd Mothra egg.

Michael Dougherty also provided that in addition to this post-credits scene obviously gift written, it to be storyboarded, places were scouted and costumes were “ready come go.” The manager didn’t reveal why the scene was ultimately cut from Godzilla: King of the Monsters, however with Godzilla vs. Kong coming following year, maybe that will provide another possibility for this twisted to it is in explored.

Even without this 2nd post-credits scene, there were plenty of seeds Godzilla: King that the Monsters planted because that the future of the MonsterVerse. In addition to the second Mothra egg and also Alan Jonah to buy the Ghidorah head, we also learned the the Titans space helping to heal Earth, and also that some of these monsters space converging top top Skull Island, house to a specific giant gorilla.

Godzilla: King the the Monsters is now easily accessible on Blu-ray, DVD and also Digital HD, and also Godzilla vs. Kong comes out on march 13, 2020. Look with our 2020 relax schedule to uncover out what other movies arrive following year.

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