"Godzilla vs. Kong" manager Adam Wingard describes Why There"s No Credits scene (Even though He shoot One)

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If you"re anything prefer a certain priziv.org dot com writer who shall remain nameless, you most likely sat with the entirety of the Godzilla vs. Kong credits waiting for a post-credits step that never comes. To it is in fair, both Kong: Skull Island and also Godzilla: King that the Monsters set up their MonsterVerse sequels that way. But Godzilla vs. Kong stays teaser-less, and we discovered that quite interesting.

So, as soon as we sat down v director Adam Wingard, us asked about the lack of a post-credits stinger. Together it turns out, the filmmaker walk shoot one, but it ended up fitting also perfectly into the actual movie with couple of slight adjustments. Here"s what that said:

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"We actually did shoot a post-credits scene yet we finished up using it in the movie. Because we shot the while us were making the film and we establish we essential a scene at the end of the movie. We had actually this footage, and we were choose "wait a minute, if we actually just readjust this thing about this clip we initially shot because that a post-credit thing, we can actually use it in the movie." and also it"s really effective. We type of simply sacrificed ours post-credits scene. Which makes sense, due to the fact that honestly, it"s not even like the post-credits step is teeing increase anything specific. That wasn"t choose saying "this is definitively wherein the MonsterVerse is walking .""

Immediately, however, Wingard backtracked a bit, admitting that the footage they shoot did collection up potential future installments in some way, however right currently he think the audience need to decide if much more MonsterVerse movies space made:

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"Well, i take that back, it would"ve done something, yet it would"ve donate us right into a corner. Ns think the MonsterVerse is in ~ a crossroads wherein audiences must vote if they desire to see one more one of these films prior to they continue. I think that"s a really healthy and balanced thing. We"ve gone v a te or for this reason of the climb of the universe movies, the matches movies. Obviously, Marvel does the best. But at the end of the day, i don"t think these movies should imitate Marvel, necessarily. They should be their very own thing. So i think it"s much better not to earlier yourself into a corner to a certain degree. It provides sense that we don"t have actually a post-credits scene. Let"s figure out what world really like around this movie and also then if we"re gonna" make a sequel, let"s figure out what that is based on what people like and also don"t like."

If I had actually to guess, having seen the movie, the step in inquiry is the one in which Ilene andrew (Rebecca Hall) and also her daughter, Jia (Kaylee Hottle) clock Kong traverse his brand-new habitat, only to disclose the monster"s new home is the hollow Earth. Godzilla vs. Kong leaves a lot of story untold inside the Earth"s surface, hinting at whatever from old Kongs/Godzillas war to whole society specialized to this monsters. Provide us the scan Hollow earth adventure movie styled top top 1999"s The Mummy, is what I"m saying.