"Kidz Bop" is one of pop music’s most inexplicably enduring franchises the the 21st century, beloved by kids and also parents for the compilations’ family-friendly renditions of famous hits, and also by anyone else for their unintentional hilarity.

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And ever since the Kidz Bop youngsters covered Britney Spears" "Oops!... I Did the Again” on the very very first "Kidz Bop" release in 2001, the albums have actually periodically featured songs that, no matter how sanitized your rewritten lyrics might be, still were more than likely too questionable for a kids’ CD.

To storage the release of Kidz Bop 38 top top July 13 – featuring cleaned-up execution of Drake’s “God’s Plan” and also Bruno Mars and also Cardi B’s “Finesse” – take it a look ago at the many amusingly inappropriate pop access time to gain the "Kidz Bop" treatment, and also the raunchiest lines castle edited out.

"Love top top the Brain," Rihanna

"Kidz Bop" extending Rihanna should be a crime in and also of itself, but this tune was a particularly questionable choice, v a line like "it to win me black and also blue, but it (expletive) me for this reason good" about the singer"s troubled love. Yet, "Love top top the Brain" was reportedly still fair game for the Kidz Bop Kids, who edited-in lyric "it makes me feel it"s true, however it tip me so good" is practically as egregious as their attempts come replicate Rih"s vocals. 

Instead of just picking literally any kind of other song, "Kidz Bop" rewrote the entire chorus the this Chainsmokers struggle to make it family-friendly, giving the song among the funniest facelifts in the Kidz Bop Kids" history: "So, baby, traction me closer together we stand versus the Rover / the I know they can"t afford / Brush the stress right off your shoulder / traction the sheets appropriate off the edge of that notebook the you stole / From her friend"s room earlier in Boulder / We ain"t ever getting older."

Again, of every the pop songs "Kidz Bop" could"ve favored for this collection, they just shrugged, determined "Toxic," and assigned a bunch of youngsters to sing the lyric "With a taste of your lips, I"m ~ above a ride"? 


"New Rules," Dua Lipa

Lipa"s "new rules" for pushing back her ex, most of which need to do with avoiding drunken hookups, acquire a squeaky-clean makeover courtesy the the Kidz Bop Kids, who transform she warning the "you understand you"re gonna wake up in his bed in the morning" come the cheerier "you recognize you"re gonna accomplish up through your girlfriend in the morning."


"Lose my Breath," Destiny’s Child

As lot as the Kidz Bop children playfully huff and also puff in the background of their "Lose my Breath" vocals, that doesn"t readjust the clear nature that the bedroom actions that Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle were initially describing, v their version maintaining original lyrics favor "Need a lifeguard and I need protection / To placed it top top me deep in the best direction."


"That’s What ns Like," Bruno Mars

Under the purview that the Kidz Bop Kids, Mars" condo in Manhattan is less a carnal kingdom and more like summer camp, v his plans because that "sex by the fire at night" transforming right into a "hang by the fire at night," and his "drop it for me" commands transforming into "sing it through a friend." 

"Kidz Bop" nixed Quavo and Chance the Rapper"s contribute to the song, deciding the Lil Wayne"s verse would be the most basic to censor and also keeping his "don"t make me catch a body" line yet wisely cut his recommendation to a companion who "When she on the molly she a zombie," replacing it with "when she listen this song she dances crazy."

"California Gurls," Katy Perry

Katy Perry is a "Kidz Bop" staple, but her "California Gurls" wardrobe the "Daisy Dukes, bikinis top top top," was too risque because that the Kidz Bop Kids, and was edited right into "fine, fresh, fierce, we acquired it top top lock." Why "Kidz Bop" didn"t adjust the next lyric, about being "so hot, we"ll melt her Popsicle," is past us. 


Obviously, Ke$ha brushing her this "with a bottle of Jack" didn"t do it right into the Kidz Bop Kids" "Tik Tok" — instead, as soon as they leave, they "have to pack." And rather than editing down every the original song"s various other problematic references, the "Kidz Bop" version merely loops the chorus until the finish of the song, which is one means to settle things.

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The location really claims it all, and yet, "Kidz Bop" still had Hinder"s growling power ballad, which is much less notable for its openly clearly content than its twin entendre.


"Paparazzi," Lady Gaga

The whole song is literally about stalking, yet the lyrics room all SFW, as lengthy as friend don"t in reality listen come what Gaga is saying.