California automobile Code (CVC) § 22348 (b)

A Speeding Violation over 100 MPH ticket will cost you $900 and Up in fines plus $1,000+ in insurance allowance hikes and penalties.

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Speeding Violations end 100mph have major Consequences

Each human being obtaining a California driver’s license have to pass a written and driving test. The 2015 CA Driver Handbook reviews traffic laws, a driver’s responsibilities as soon as operating a engine vehicle, and other applicable information. What most drivers do not know is that if they journey at speed of 100 mph or more, they face extremely significant penalties if castle are uncovered guilty. If it might seem impossible to drive at that rate of speed, traffic on California interstates and highways have the right to move in ~ a an extremely high price of speed. Some vehicles are manufactured with bigger engines to carry out greater speed. It is also tempting for part drivers, specifically for those that love driving at high rates of speed.

Unfortunately, if a driver choose to journey a automobile at speeds higher than 100 mph, the driver deserve to receive a California speeding ticket under CVC section 22348. The code specifically states that if “A human being who drives a car upon a highway in ~ a speed greater than 100 miles every hour” that human will it is in guilty of an infraction. If you receive a speeding ticket for driving at a speed better than 100 mph, the legislation requires that you or your attorney appear before a judge. This is a obligated court appearance also if you are pleading guilty.

The potential punishments because that a guilty verdict under CVC 22348 include:

Two points applied to her driver’s license The judge deserve to suspend your driver’s patent for 30 days A good of approximately $1,000 Traffic school is not an option for this violation

CVC section 22348 also states the a vehicle subject to CVC ar 22406 must be thrust in the designated lane and also if no roadway is designated, the vehicle must be driving in the appropriate hand lane. If girlfriend are found guilty of a ticket for fail of Vehicles subject to VC 22406 to use Designated Lane, girlfriend will have a fine of $238 and also one point against your driver’s license.

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California vehicle Code 22348 uses to many Vehicles

This applies to the complying with vehicles:

Trucks with three or an ext axles or a truck tractor drawing an additional vehicle A passenger automobile or bus drawing one more vehicle A institution bus transporting any kind of student A farm yard labor auto transporting passengers A vehicle transporting explosives A trailer bus as identified in section 636

The potential after-effects for a guilty decision on a web traffic ticket for driving in ~ a speed better than 100 mph can disrupt your life. Having actually your driver’s patent suspended even for a quick time is not practical. Fortunately, our web traffic ticket defense team can help you protect against these after-effects by fighting to have your California web traffic ticket dismissed. We offer a cost-free ticket testimonial to make sure the citation is eligible for our service. We have been in business due to the fact that 2008 helping people throughout California fight their traffic tickets v the greatest success price in the industry. If us cannot obtain your ticket dismissed, us will give you a organization fee refund under ours money earlier guarantee.

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