Now that we room married, is it customary to walk to a wedding with each other if your invited to it? I will elaborate.

A man my husband to know has offered my husband a invite as soon as he experienced him this previous week. Men used to work years earlier in the same structure but with different companies. I have actually only met the male once about 4 years ago. I would feel monster to go to a wedding where I wouldnt recognize anyone. However, mine husband obviously wants to go.

Have girlfriend or your spouse ever before gone alone come a wedding? would you or friend spouse go even if you dont understand anyone?Would it be weird if ns didnt go, but my husband does?

When her married, are you always supposed to go to a wedding if your spouse goes?

Whats the right thing to do? What would you do? i m really sorry if ns repeat myself. This is the first wedding invite us got because we oneself have gotten married and am confused around this. Ns think I might be overthinking this.

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Thanks because that any and all help.