In situation you nothing know, the newest meme to go viral is one where people share image of particular celebrities. In the caption, they write “I’m gonna tell my kids this was” and also then state a human being or group who is different from the one in the photo. 

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The meme has actually taken Post Malone, Billie Eilish, Bring Me The Horizon and also Panic! at The Disco as victims, among tons of other musicians, actors and also celebrities. 

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We’ve rounded up 10 that the ideal uses the the meme for her enjoyment, but there are literally dozens that hilarious ones virtual for you to waste time looking in ~ later. Inspect out the 10 ideal memes below.


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When Brendon Urie came to be a historic president

Gonna tell my youngsters this was Abraham Lincoln

— yeah i’m emo, therefore what? (
ThyArtIsMemes) November 17, 2019

2. Once Bianca Del Rio’s drag was therefore good, we assumed she hosted a court of law

I’m gonna tell my youngsters this is judge Judy

— Tegan