The “Gonna Tell my Kid” meme has been trending on society media and taking a jab at revisionist history. The biggest worry raised by parental — the meme’s volume to readjust kids’ watch of the past. Take it for example the Tweet featured above which read: “Gonna phone call my youngsters this was Jesus Christ.”

Revisionist background aims to an obstacle orthodox see of historical events and records. And, it introduces contrary evidence or reinterprets motivations and also decisions of the civilization involved.

Twitter trolls have reenvisioned background for themselves v the “Gonna Tell my Kid” memes. A majority of the memes discovered on Twitter have much more than 100,000 likes and retweets combined. Part famous deals with being reimagined with the trend: A$AP Rocky, Lana Del Rey, Brendon Urie, Lil Uzi Vert, and also Taylor Swift.

1. The New: JFK and also Jacqueline Kennedy

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