Every year farming up, perhaps you watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving work Parade route with her family. It has actually special meaning, but you’ve never ever tried to attend the parade in person because of the logistical difficulties involved. That course, as soon as you’ve acquired a household of your own, all that changed. You should experience the parade through them.

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A new York City tradition due to the fact that 1924, the Macy’s Thanksgiving work Parade is top top a the majority of bucket lists. For this reason in recent years ours clients have actually joined the 3.5 million human being flocking to the roads of Manhattan to check out the more than 1,200 dancers and also cheerleaders, 11 marching bands, 30 parade floats and also 16 huge character balloons. Now we want to aid your family members experience this miracle morning.

Where to to visit the Macy’s Thanksgiving work Parade route?


On television, the broadcasters and the performances every take place at the finish of the parade in ~ Macy’s Herald Square. But in person, spectators space lined up and down the 2.5 miles of official parade route. Parade organizers execute not sell bleacher tickets; those are distributed internally. So many attendees get bundled up and arrive to claim a stand spot before 6 a.m. Load a bag with snacks, a thermos of hot chocolate, and also something to keep your youngsters entertained while waiting for the parade to begin. And make sure to dress warmly in layers.

The Macy’s work Parade path has readjusted in the last few years. It begins at 77th Street and main Park West at 9 a.m. And proceeds southern on central Park West. In ~ Columbus Circle, the Parade turns east onto main Park South. Once the Parade reaches sixth Avenue, that goes south and continues native 59th Street come 34th Street. It climate heads west top top 34th Street to Macy’s Herald Square and also ends roughly noon. There is no viewing accessibility on 6th Avenue in between 34th Street and 38th Street; this is the management area. Over there is likewise no publicly viewing accessibility at Macy’s Herald Square. It is also impossible to check out the performances by musicals and also musicians due to the fact that they take place in the official telecast area, i beg your pardon is closed off to the public. 

Popular parade viewing spots along the Macy’s Thanksgiving job Parade path are central Park West approximately 72nd street, central Park South in between Columbus one and sixth Avenue, and 6th Avenue from 59th Street come 38th Street.

But this is not the best method to watch the parade. The parade lasts from approximately 9 a.m. To noon. And the weather is unpredictable and also usually cold. Perfect parade solution consists of an at home option, like our viewing brunch. Sit at her table inside, gain breakfast and also lunch items, and watch the parade out the window. And when you desire to see it increase close or take pictures, walk out to the the end viewing area whenever girlfriend want.

Can you view the gigantic balloons every together and from up close?


On Wednesday, you have the right to see the balloon inflation in person external the American Museum of organic History. It is top top 77th and also 81st streets between central Park West and Columbus Avenue from 1-8 p.m. The night before the Parade.

Where to stay in new York City? can I gain a room with a parade view?

Many many hotels in brand-new York City need a minimum stay throughout Thanksgiving. Availability and prices are in ~ a premium in midtown Manhattan near main Park and the parade route. If money is no object, there room a restricted number of rooms in many hotels with direct views the the parade. Because that our guests, us recommend number of options. We have actually several four- and five-star hotels within walking distance of the parade route and the brunch. 

Where to eat in new York City?

There are so many an excellent options in every community of the city, from pizza come steak to everything in between. Simply take a look at at some reviews of places near wherever you find yourself. As soon as we room in the city, us go the end of our means for a pair places. I constantly stop at Los tacos No. 1, which has actually several locations. And the very same goes because that the cookies at Levain Bakery. Currently you have actually to bring some house for your friends.

What to execute in brand-new York City?


Everyone have to see time Square once, however after that, you require to endeavor out and also see the best of the city’s countless neighborhoods. Make sure to catch a Broadway show, or two, and we include display credit and also tickets to watch the famed Rockettes in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular in ours packages. Floor Zero and also the 9/11 museum/memorial should additionally be at the top of her itinerary. During the holidays, Bryant Park is a great stop because that shopping and also ice skating. Take it a stroll through main Park, wherein you will also find a zoo and also playgrounds for her kids. Choose a clear day and go up the empire State structure or the peak of the absent for good views of the area. Have actually a drink in ~ Battery Park pier and look the end over the Statue of Liberty and the Hudson River.

What is the history of the Macy’s Parade?

In 1924, Macy’s launched a parade to celebrate their flagship store. An estimated 10,000 civilization turned the end to cheer ~ above Santa, and also the Parade ended up being a holiday tradition, initially using animals loaned by the main Park Zoo. In 1927, the very first helium personality balloon was introduced — Felix the Cat. In the 1930s, the surname was adjusted from the Macy’s Christmas Parade to the Macy’s Thanksgiving job Parade, and also attendance ballooned to over 1 million.

During world War II, the Parade to be cancelled; it soon resumed and also appeared in the movie miracle on 34th Street in 1947. The first television broadcast came in 1948 by NBC. Stars prefer Ginger Rogers participated in the 1950s, and Mumford Bass, the famed children’s book illustrator, join in 1963. The 1970s featured performances by Diana Ross and Evel Knievel.

The 1980s carried the very first of the mega-sized character balloons, Superman, at almost 100 feet tall. The variety of balloons doubled, and the floats were expanded. Popular music stars and also boy bands the the 1990s join the line-up.

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The most constant feature? Santa Claus arrives at the finish of the parade at Macy’s Herald Square and begins the vacation season in NYC.