It to be an interesting prospect to think the Gold sirloin as contemporary day sweetheart hunting. When the discovery Channel very first released the show back in 2010, there had actually been nothing else favor it on TV. The hunt for gold was exciting, and also to see human being with no previous experience on yellow mining tackle the job was surely entertaining sufficient to gain us every hooked top top the an initial season. Now 8 seasons later, we find the as soon as amateur Hoffman crew tackle land favor it’s nothing come them. However after the 8th season, we’re emotion a little like the display has peaked already–on season 7. Right here are some reasons why.

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Final Fury

One that the last episodes for season 7 to be the best one ever. Every single finale top top the display has constantly been rousing, however Hoffman take it it come the next level in the season. The drama to be there. The letdown to be there, and also of course, that would’ve to be nothing without the best comeback ever. Hoffman’s comeback was inspiring considering all the obstacles they’ve had all season. It was an impressive initiative all around.

Gold tallies

The tallies for that season were simply impressive considering how tough it was all season for the team come come up with gold. Parker Schnabel had actually the most gold of any kind of crew. He has actually a 4,000oz goal and also he surpassed this to collect a full of 4,311oz of gold. That amounted to end $5 million in gold money, i m sorry is $1 million much more than last year’s. In season 7, Beets gathered $2.6 million worth of gold, if Hoffman halved that through $1.3 million in collected gold.

Parker’s Trail

This to be the season once we experienced Parker Schnabel go off there is no his mentor and also make his very own trail in the gold mining industry. Still fairly young, Parker to be confident sufficient to uncover his own way considering the he’s been involved with mining due to the fact that he to be a child. That now has actually a net worth of $3 million, and we’re simply glad to have seen the start of his an individual career on season 7.

Record gold

This to be the episode as soon as we saw the best gold haul in the background of yellow Rush. It to be Tony Beets that will end up through the rewards, as he poured his yellow onto the scale and was extremely surprised and ecstatic at the lot of yellow he collected. It together a quite special moment for him, and also it was just as special for us to check out Tony collection so lot gold at one time.

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War and Peace

This final episode gave us a glimpse right into the story behind the episodes. It was such an outstanding season to begin with and also to have the ability to see listen what the crew thought about it afterwards was great. There were fights, life and also death situations, and people moving on. The biggest shock of the display was once Dustin pains announced the he was leaving Hoffman’s crew to start his own. It’s an finish to one era, yet it’s additionally a begin to a new one.

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