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Parker has actually an estimated net precious of $3 million, follow to Celebrity net Worth.

Schnabel has actually been component of Gold Rush since its debut in 2010.

4. The Reportedly offered His College fund to start Is own Mining operation

I witnessed the future and kicked that ass. #imaxvr #johnwick

— Parker Schnabel (
goldrush_parker) January 20, 2017

Instead that attending college, Parker offered his college money to pursue his own mining operation, follow to Discovery. In his rookie season, he uncovered 1029 oz of gold in the Klondike.

For a if now, Parker has been date Ashley Youle. In 2016, Parker spoke to Maxim about Ashley, saying, “Whether I like it or not, I’m greatly with middle age men pretty lot all year. I have actually a girlfriend and also we’ve been with each other for 6 months. She spent her summer through me and also it was great. It was a most fun – and we’re doing yes, really well.”

Speaking to Channel overview last year, Parker explained that that met Ashley in Australia. He invited her to visit, and she came along.

5. He’s Mined much more Than $13 Million in gold

Drinking whiskey through
klondikeguy and also
klondikeneil in Edmonton. #andthedudeonthefloor

— Parker Schnabel (
goldrush_parker) February 19, 2015

Parker has mined more than $13 million in gold because his an initial operation. Maxim writes, “He continuously out-earns his rivals on the truth program using wisdom and also determination the outpaces his age.”

In 2015, Parker debated his success through Fox News, saying, “… just because we’ve discovered a million dollars’ precious of yellow doesn’t median I’m a millionaire, we have actually a many of expenses … I have probably a lot more debt than the common 20-year-old.”


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Parker Schnabel is the star of gold Rush. Now, he"s landed his own spin-off series.