Discovery’s top-rated show Gold Rush is set to return Sept. 24 because that its 12th season.

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In addition, aftershow The Dirt will certainly return Nov. 5 v a new look and format. Organize Christo Doyle will leave the studio behind and also head to the gold claims to expose firsthand what life is really like for the miners once the cameras aren’t rolling.

Meanwhile, The Hollywood Reporter has exclusive details top top the upcoming season that Gold Rush. “This year method war,” claims Discovery.

With the price of yellow holding near record highs, each miner is battling to find and mine the finest ground. However with most of the great ground bound up, they are forced to dig deeper and go farther into the wilderness looking for the motherlode.

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After years of cultivation gold totals, mining prodigy Parker Schnabel is running the end of ground, forcing him to gambling on a small paystreak that might be the wealthiest he’s mined. The problem is, it’s much more than 50 feet below the surface, and also he’ll have to spend millions to obtain there. Together he taps out his Klondike claims, he additionally travels deep into the Alaskan wilderness looking for his next huge claim.

Also return this season is Tony Beets, who this season place it all on the line to cash in on his life’s occupational with the goal of mining 9,000 ounces — precious upwards that $16 million in ~ today’s prices. This season, Tony additionally plans to reopen his Indian flow operation, having actually spent more than $5 million in brand-new gear come mine it and the heaven Hill insurance claims 24/7. However, over there is one big problem: there is no water license on the Indian river.

Meanwhile, return miner stack Ness starts the year ~ above a hot paystreak and also ahead that schedule. Rick’s goal is 2,000 ounces the gold, the most he’s ever before mined, but he beginning the season off without a crew. Two of his crucial teammates don’t return, leaving him to ramp up his operation’s horsepower to comprise for the absence of manpower. Rick division out a substantial half-million-dollar dozer, among the best you have the right to buy, as well a massive brand-new excavator.

Also returning is special pressures veteran Fred Lewis. After striking the end in Oregon critical season, Fred is driving right into the Yukon through the dream to make it as a yellow miner and provide a windfall because that his all-veteran crew, identified not to fail again. After getting here in the Yukon, Fred reaches out to the only human being he knows — Parker Schnabel.

Season 12 the Gold Rush premieres in ~ 8 p.m. Friday, Sept. 24, when The dirt is ago at 10 p.m. Friday, Nov. 5.

Gold Rush is produced for exploration by life Television, where Dimitri Doganis, James Bates, Tom Sheahan and also Mike Gamson are executive producers. Because that Discovery, Carter Figueroa is executive, management producer and Greg wolf is coordinating producer.

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The Dirt is created for discovery by Public institution Productions. Doyle also serves executive producer, while Mags müller is the showrunner.