Aside from my mother, the mrs I have actually learned the most around relationships from is The gold Girls' resides maneater, Blanche Devereaux.

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Aside from mine mother, the woman I have learned the most about relationships native is *The golden Girls' *resident maneater, Blanche Devereaux.

The southern belle taught me exactly how to flip in between being coy and also brazen, about stroking a man's ego and most of all, why you should be your own best fan. She additionally taught me to stop silk pantsuits—seriously, how countless of those things did she have?!

As a girl, i watched the display with mine grandmother Gigi every week—a real-life Blanche—so i still associate the series with the strong, sassy women in my family. I still DVR every the reruns. And there are* a lot*.

What space your top 5 fave TV shows?

Then one day, along came Sex and the City, sauntering on into my viewing schedule and making everyone forget about Blanche, Sophia, Rose and also Dorothy.


LOS ANGELES, CA - 1987: Actress Rue McClanahan the TV"s "The golden Girls" clutches her Emmy compensation in a 1987 Los Angeles, California portrait session. McClanahan winner the Emmy for her role as the man-hungry Blanche Devereaux in that hit TV series. (Photo by George Rose/Getty Images)

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I mean, i love Carrie and also company, yet in mine opinion they'll never ever quite have the exact same feisty soul as the cheesecake-loving ladies.

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And guess who agrees through me? None other than Blanche Devereaux herself! TMZ captured up v Blanche—er, sorry—actress Rue MaClanahan and made the mistake of comparing she iconic series to SATC.

"Don't even point out that. No!" she hollered, "Our feeling is much much better than that."

Amen sista!

Ooh goody, pics from the newest SATC film!

Honestly, there's always been something around the SATC girl that seemed desperate and cutthroat. Sure, the GG's had their male troubles, however they constantly put your friendships first. Sometimes I obtain the feeling that Samantha would eat Charlotte's baby if because that a free syringe the Botox and a hot plastic surgeon, don't you?

Hear Erin's concept on why friends room the new family!

What's your opinion—*Golden girls *or SATC? and yes, I'll asking the totally cliche question—which sassy lady would you be?!

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