Image caption, Nomadland's Chloé Zhao was named ideal director if Sacha Baron Cohen took best comedy actor

The night's peak prize - best drama movie - visited Nomadland, i m sorry stars Frances McDormand as a homeless mrs travelling through the American West.

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Chloé Zhao was named finest director - becoming only the second female winner the the category in Globes history, after ~ Barbra Streisand in 1983.

"I dropped in love with making movies and also telling stories because it provided us a possibility to laugh and also cry together, to learn from each other, and to have more compassion for each other."

Borat succeeding Moviefilm, the sequel to 2006's hugely successful Borat, to be named ideal musical or comedy film.

"Thank you to the all-white Hollywood international Press," stated Sacha Baron Cohen together he accepted the prize, referring to the recent revelation the the organization behind the Globes right now has no black members.

Cohen poked additional fun in ~ the awards body as he was named best actor in a comedy or musical because that the very same film.

"Wait, Donald trumped is contesting the result. He's claiming the a most dead human being voted, i beg your pardon is a very rude thing to say around the HFPA," he joked.

Borat and also Nomadland were amongst several films to pick up 2 awards each. That the night's 14 acting winners, fifty percent were British, including Cohen; Rosamund Pike, who was named ideal actress in a music or comedy film for I care A Lot; and also Daniel Kaluuya, that won ideal supporting actor for Judas and the black color Messiah.

Image source, Reuters
Image caption, former Globe winner Laura Dern presented Daniel Kaluuya with his compensation for finest supporting actor

Kaluuya plays united state activist Fred Hampton, the chairman the the black Panther Party, who was assassinated in 1969 in ~ the period of 21.

"I hope generations after this deserve to see just how brilliantly he fought, he spoke, and also he loved," Kaluuya said as he welcomed his prize.

Emma Corrin, The Crown (Best actress in a drama series)Josh O'Connor, The Crown (Best gibbs in a drama series)Daniel Kaluuya, Judas and also The black color Messiah (Best supporting actor in any kind of motion picture)John Boyega, tiny Axe (Best sustaining actor in a series, restricted series or TV movie)Rosamund Pike, I treatment A lot of (Best actress in a motion snapshot - music or comedy)Anya Taylor-Joy, The Queen's Gambit (Best actress in a restricted series or TV movie)*Sacha Baron Cohen, Borat subsequent Moviefilm (Best actor in a motion snapshot - music or comedy)

*Taylor-Joy hold triple British, American and Argentine citizenship and also has resided in the UK because the age of six.

John Boyega was named finest supporting actor in a limited series for his portrayal that pioneering black color British police officer Leroy Logan in one instalment of little Axe, Steve McQueen's landmark collection of films.

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"I'm so shocked. I've acquired trackie bottoms on and also I'm comfortable however this is exciting," Boyega joked together he embraced the compensation from home.

Logan common a video on Instagram of self reacting come the announcement and also raising a celebratory glass. "You're portrayal of me has actually been life changing," the told Boyega in the accompanying post. "I'm also really proud of you & your name examine on accepting the ⁦‪Golden Globes‬⁩ is so humbling."