HBO’s dazzling drama certification Regina King and created by Lost‘s Damon Lindelof deserve multiple nods because that this year’s Critics’ an option Awards but not one solitary acknowledgement because that the Globes. Stacked with veteran actors and plenty that buzz, it’s shocking to check out the collection shut the end from this year’s honorees.

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When They view Us

Ava DuVernay‘s acclaimed minimal series around the central Park 5 got no gold Globes love in spite of garnering assorted accolades because it’s release earlier this year. The was additionally one that Netflix’s most-watched titles when it dropped, make this snub confusing to say the least.


The Morning Show

Apple TV+’s flagship series earned many nominations consisting of nods for collection stars and executive producers Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston. Regardless of its star power, the series didn’t receive the ideal buzz as soon as it debuted, for this reason it’s surprising to check out it pull in so many nods.


Game of Thrones

Sure, the last season that Thrones wasn’t everyone’s favorite, but the only classification recognizing the show was the nod for Kit Harington together Lead gibbs in a TV Drama. Considering the show’s broad-scale appeal across the globe, the snub is all the much more unexpected.


This Is Us

In previous years, network favorite and enduring family drama This Is Us to be an awards darling and a sure-bet as soon as it concerned the drama collection category. No together luck this year, together Dan Fogelman‘s Pearson saga didn’t snag a solitary nod.


Jharrel Jerome

The young actor, who very first broke out in the 2017 Best picture winner Moonlight, wowed audiences v his life performance together Korey Wise, among the central Park Five. And even despite he winner the Emmy earlier this year for the series, it wasn’t sufficient to to convince voters.

Sterling K. Brown

Sure, This Is Us didn’t make any kind of awards categories at the gold Globes this time around, but amongst the many shocking is the omission the Sterling K. Brown. The actor has actually been a mainstay in the group for command Actor in a TV Drama since Season 1.

Lizzy Caplan

Sure, Hulu’s Castle Rock isn’t creating vast buzz, yet perhaps leaving out Lizzy Caplan‘s insane performance as iconic Stephen King villain Annie Wilkes to be a mistake? The actress basically disappears into the function as a psychotic nurse battling her own demons and those lurking in the sleepy Maine town.

Mj Rodriguez

Season 2 of FX’s drama attracted in a the majority of summer buzz with high praise for star Billy Porter that earned a nomination. However the exclusion of fan favorite Rodriguez is surprising together is the show’s.

The Handmaid’s Tale

A vault awards favorite, it’s surprising to see that the Hulu initial didn’t break through in a single category. Sure, Season 3 wasn’t considered by pan or doubters to it is in the show’s best, however the cast is still simply as top-notch as ever.

The golden Globe Awards 2020 nominations room in and there are more than a few shockers when it comes to this year’s list.

While the Hollywood foreign Press combination is acknowledging various newcomers choose The Politician and The Morning Show, countless other highly-praised newcomers to be ignored, while fan favorites favor When They see Us, This Is Us, Watchmen, Game the Thrones and others were nearly shut out.

Netflix dominated with collection like "Unbelievable" and "The Crown," if "Game of Thrones" was mainly ignored.

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In the gallery above, we’re taking a look in ~ the best snubs and surprises in the TV categories because that this year’s golden Globes.

2020 golden Globe Awards, Sunday, January 5, 8/7c, NBC

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