Both movies are nominated because that Best snapshot — Drama, even though they room two the the year’s many musical films.

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Both Bohemian Rhapsody and A Star Is Born space up for golden Globes — in drama categories. 20th Century Fox/Warner Bros.

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Two that the year’s most musical movies are nominated because that Best photo at the golden Globes — yet not in the category that recognizes musical films.


To the casual observer, the reality that A Star Is Born and Bohemian Rhapsody both landing in the Best snapshot category for “drama” can seem favor an error. (The golden Globes break-up their film categories in between drama and also musical or comedy.)

Bohemian Rhapsody, which concentrates on Queen command singer Freddie Mercury, is full of the band’s songs. And its best scenes room musical — including one in i beg your pardon Queen documents “Bohemian Rhapsody,” and also one that culminates in an electrical recreation of the band’s famed performance at the Live assist concert in 1985.

A Star Is Born, the 3rd remake the a standard Hollywood film, has a long background of being considered a musical. That predecessor in 1976, starring Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson, in truth won ideal Musical or Comedy in ~ the golden Globes, along with four various other awards. And also the 1954 version starring Judy Garland and James Mason won two golden Globes for its leader in the musical and also comedy acting categories. This brand-new 2018 version is invited with initial songs; one of them, “Shallow,” was nominated for finest Original Song.

But both that these films showed up in the drama category, not musical or comedy. And also there’s a factor for that.

The golden Globes don’t have actually an obvious effect ~ above the Oscars. Yet they deserve to help.

For Hollywood, the gold Globes are one of the most essential stops on the means to the greatest prize of them all: the Oscars. The Globes nothing historically predict the Oscars. But the ceremony takes location the night before the Academy that Motion snapshot Arts and also Sciences, the industry organization the awards the Oscars, starts filling out ballots for nominations. For this reason a Globes victory — or, better, a series of wins — can assist a movie stand the end in the mental of Academy voters.

That means the people who manage Oscar campaigns for movies — which room a lot choose political campaigns, but with mercifully much shorter timelines — are keen to position their movies properly in the minds of Oscar voters. And also as ann Thompson describes at Indiewire, there room a few reasons the a movie can be submitted as a drama in ~ the Globes, instead of as a comedy/musical.

Sometimes it’s since a movie has actually a far better chance that beating the compete in one category over another. For instance, last year, Lady Bird to be submitted as a comedy, and also it finished up win both ideal Musical or Comedy and Best Actress for Saoirse Ronan. Eventually, it nabbed 5 Oscar nominations (though it no win any type of of them).

Sometimes, though, it’s due to the fact that the Academy appears to ultimately assign an ext gravitas to movies that completed in the Globes’ drama categories 보다 those that were billed as a comedy or musical. By most reckonings, A Star Is Born is most properly a musical: It’s definitely dramatic, but its initial songs development the plot and also describe the emotionally state the the characters, which normally is the an interpretation of a musical.

But Warner Bros., the studio behind A Star Is Born, is gunning for a raft of Oscars for the film: acting nods for Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga, and also possibly sustaining actor Sam Elliott; initial song (for “Shallow”); finest Director for Bradley Cooper, because that whom the movie is his directorial debut; and, the course, best Picture. Positioning the film as a drama at the Globes — and, with any type of luck, taking residence some trophies — will likely rise its chances of being taken seriously by Academy members once it’s time come fill out Oscar nominations ballots.

And despite Bohemian Rhapsody is filled v music, that is entry right into the drama category is likely for the same reason. Whether the movie is yes, really Best photo material is discuss (I discovered the movie to be a perfunctory slog), but its studio, 20th Century Fox, is certainly working hard to obtain Rami Malek, who plays Mercury, a finest Actor berth, and also a success in the classification at the Globes would an increase his chances at the Oscars.

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If this every seems favor a lot of strange, arbitrary positioning to you, you’re not wrong. Whether a movie is nominated together a musical or comedy or as a drama in ~ the golden Globes may eventually have an impact on the Oscars in some years. However it just too may not. There’s no means to ensure a movie it s okay an Oscar nomination, an especially as the an altering and diversifying Academy member tries come breathe fresh life into what was as soon as a predictable vote body.

Who wins, and also in i m sorry category, is at ideal an expensive video game — one that Hollywood will certainly obsess over till the credits for the Oscar telecast lastly roll in February.

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