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The countryartist to be the winner of the biggest honor that the night, taking house the 2019 GRAMMY Award because that Album of the Year for Golden Hour.

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Emotionally taking the stage, Musgraves -- wowing in a glowing red voluminous mini dress -- was shocked to hear her surname called.

"I don’t also know what come say," the brunette beauty beauty said, including that anyone in the category had amazing albums."I am very thankful and also winning doesn"t make my album any far better than anybody else"s in that category. They space all therefore good."

Golden Hourbeat out Cardi B"s Invasion the Privacy, Drake"s Scorpion, H.E.R. By H.E.R., article Malone"s Beerbongs & Bentleys, Dirty Computer through Janelle Monáe, Black Panther: The Album and By the Way, ns Forgive You by Brandi Carlile.

Musgraves had a phenomenal night,sweeping all four categories the she was nominated in. She additionally won finest Country Album, finest Country track for "Space Cowboy" and Best country Solo power for "Butterflies."

The country superstar also performed throughout the Dolly Parton tribute, and sang her own song, "Rainbow."

Musgraves additionally looked gorgeous in anude tulle gown indigenous the Valentino Haute Couture spring 2018 collection while on the red carpet.

"It"s really actually so comfortable. I feel choose that is a rarity," she said ET"s Sophie Schillaci and Apple Music"s Zane Lowe. "Sometimes you"re like, "I can"t breathe and also it"s fine, mine ribs space cracking in half." but this one"s fine!"

The stunning look reminded Musgraves the a fan, which has actually a very special definition to her.

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"I guess a little mystery is that it kinda reminded me of a fan, which is kind of a nod come the covering of mine album," she revealed."So that"s one reason why i really liked it."

She likewise reacted to her previously wins the the night. Clock below.


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