You can’t assist but smile while the town hall this puppy playing with a doorstop. And there are plenty much more laughs to share below!

Children help us to view the human being through fresh eyes. And that consists of our fur-babies, too.

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For example, how regularly do you pay any attention to a doorstop? Well, once Jake, a golden retriever pup native Georgia, uncovered the usual household item because that the an initial time, his reaction was hilarious.

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Jake’s owner, Garrett Kiefer, couldn’t withstand filming his silly puppy playing v the doorstop. And the clip walk viral, warming hearts almost everywhere the internet!

WATCH: gold Retriever Puppy Playing with Doorstop

It’s such a blessing to see the pleasure something so ordinary brings to this sweet pup. And Jake isn’t alone.

Cardi V The gold Retriever has actually her an extremely own Instagram account. There, her people share all kinds of lover photos and videos of the frisky dog’s day-to-day life.

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Well, similar to Jake, Cardi V additionally found it s her fascinated v what hid behind the doors in she home. And watching this frisky puppy playing with a doorstop is yet another guaranteed smile!

WATCH: Cardi V The gold Retriever Puppy Playing v Doorstop

The doorstop isn’t the only household item to catch this curious puppy’s eye. Her owners shared another funny video clip of Cardi V the golden Retriever throughout bathtime.

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Cardi V hilariously maintained biting in ~ the water together it shot the end of the showerhead. And her stunner antics room sure come brighten any kind of day!

WATCH: Puppy play In Water from Showerhead

God absolutely knew what He to be doing when He blessed human beings with the furry angels we contact dogs. There’s just something around these lover creatures that instantly warmth the heart.

In a world that seems to grow darker every day, it’s up to us to look because that the light. And sometimes that light comes in the kind of an beloved puppy reminding us to discover joy in the most basic of things.

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We hope these sweet moments prefer the puppy playing with a doorstop have actually warmed your heart and also brightened your day!

“A cheerful love makes an excellent medicine” Proverbs 17:22

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