Lowe: Ranking the top 10 most fun NBA groups to clock this seasonStar potential? Check. Format points? Check. Unintended hilarity? Check! Repeat champs? Presenting the peak 10 most entertaining groups for the 2021-22 NBA season.

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Steph claims LeBron "set the standard" because that longevityGolden State warriors star Stephen Curry claims that 36-year-old LeBron James "set the standard" for longevity in the NBA.


Warriors" Kuminga the end at the very least week because of kneeJonathan Kuminga has a strained patella tendon in his appropriate knee and also will it is in reevaluated in a week, follow to warriors coach Steve Kerr.

Wiggins: an option was vaccination or no basketballWarriors swingman Andrew Wiggins ~ above Monday described his decision to acquire the COVID-19 vaccine, noting the his only options were to be vaccinated "or no play in the NBA."

Kerr: warriors F Wiggins got COVID vaccineWarriors forward Andrew Wiggins has actually received his COVID-19 vaccine and also will it is in eligible to play home games for golden State, coach Steve Kerr told reporters Sunday ~ practice.

NBA preseason: The latest injury update on Klay, Zion and also KawhiWith the first week of training camp in the books, us round up the recent injury news top top the NBA"s best stars.

Green: no my place to push Wiggins on vaccineWarriors star Draymond environment-friendly made it clear Thursday that even as a leader that the team, he is no going to usage his affect to shot to to convince teammate Andrew Wiggins to get vaccinated versus COVID-19.

Sources: Vax rate for NBA football player rises to 95%The NBA has actually reached a 95% vaccination threshold the its players, mirroring a stable rise since the opening of cultivate camps this week, league sources told priziv.org.

Friedell, Slater, and SerranoZach speak to priziv.org"s Nick Friedell and also Anthony Slater around all things Warriors: Andrew Wiggins and also vaccines, Klay Thompson, and how good gold State can be this season. Climate best-selling writer Shea Serrano join to talk about his beloved Spurs.

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NBA: No pay if unvaccinated players can"t playAn NBA spokesperson stated that if players miss games because they can"t abide through vaccine mandates, lock won"t gain paid.