In a video game that featured 15 command changes and 17 ties, the gold State Warriors withstood an epic performance through LeBron James to beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 124-114 in video game 1 that the NBA Finals ~ above Thursday night in ~ Oracle Arena in Oakland.

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Steph Curry scored 29 and Klay Thompson included 24 in the win, v the Splash Brothers combining to do 10-of-21 (47.6%) from three-point range. Kevin Durant had actually 26 points and also nine rebounds in the win.

James scored 51 points, the sixth 50-point video game in NBA Finals history, and also added eight rebounds and also eight assists in defeat. James has eight games with 40 or much more points in these playoffs, matching Jerry West because that the most such gamings in a solitary postseason.

After George Hill make a complimentary throw through 4.7 seconds left in regulation to tie the game, he missed the second complimentary throw. J.R. Smith got an attack rebound however then dribbled the end the clock, reasoning the Cavs had a lead.

They did not, and also when gold State scored the very first nine point of overtime, this one was efficiently over.

Kevin Love changed from a concussion to score 21 points and also grab 13 rebounds for Cleveland, that shot 44.9% together a team.

Draymond eco-friendly missed a triple-double by one assist, scoring 13 points and also grabbing 11 rebounds in the win, while including five steals and also three blocks.

Game 2 is Sunday night at Oracle Arena, whereby the Warriors are 9-1 this postseason and 38-13 every season.


Tristan Thompson to be ejected at the end of video game 1 and also then all hell broke loosened

Warriors 124, Cavaliers 114 (Final, OT)

It was all gold State in the extra period, outscoring Cleveland 17-7 in the final five minutes.

Cavaliers 107, warrior 107 (End 4Q)

We have overtime in Oakland. Cleveland had the sphere with 5 seconds left, and also a timeout, but J.R. Smith inexplicably dribbled out the clock, apparently thinking the Cavaliers had actually a lead.


Cavaliers 104, warriors 102 (0:53.1, 4Q)

LeBron James has a new personal NBA Finals job high with 47 points, including somehow obtaining this to loss while acquiring fouled because that a Cleveland advantage in the last minute, the 14th lead change of the game.

Strong take & 46 PTS for LeBron!#WhateverItTakes 103 | #DubNation 10250.8 left on #NBAonABC

— NBA (
NBA) June 1, 2018

Warriors 94, Cavaliers 92 (5:51, 4Q)

LeBron James is as much as 40 points together Cleveland claws its way back. It’s his seventh career 40-point game in the NBA Finals. Only Jerry West has more, v eight.


The eyes have actually it


LeBron James acquired poked in the eye through Draymond Green and also it’s RED


Warriors 84, Cavaliers 78 (End 3Q)

Golden State to be on the much better end of yet another 3rd quarter, outscoring Cleveland 28-22 top top Thursday night. Start the fourth, Kevin Durant and Steph Curry each have actually 21, and the Warriors have 23 assists ~ above 34 field goals, through 12 minute to play.

LeBron James has actually 36 points on 13-of-21 shoot to lead all scorers, and Kevin Love already has a double-double with 16 and also 11. Pretty impressive James had the ability to concentrate under these conditions:


— SB country ( June 1, 2018


Charles Barkley, Draymond Green, Kevin Love and more read hilarious median tweets

Cavaliers 68, warriors 68 (5:26, 3Q)

Cleveland had a third quarter run in them together well. LeBron James is approximately 31 clues on simply 13 shots, consisting of a three-pointer to provide us our ninth tie of game 1.

Also about JaVale McGee, fine ...

JaVale McGee: Shaqtin-a-Fool Nominee!#WhateverItTakes vs. #DubNation#NBAFinals

— Hashtag Basketball (
hashBasketball) June 1, 2018

Warriors 66, Cavaliers 59 (9:02, 3Q)

Oh hello, JaVale McGee. The golden State huge man began in the second fifty percent and paid prompt dividends, contesting LeBron James top top defense and likewise getting two fast dunks ~ above offense. It’s a 10-3 run in 3 minutes for the warrior to begin the third.

Warriors 56, Cavaliers 56 (halftime)

Cleveland constructed an 11-point command at one point but the Warriors fast forwarded your usual third quarter run right into the second, tying things up on this 30-footer by Steph Curry in ~ the halftime buzzer.

STEPH range to to win the buzzer... BANG! #DubNation #NBAFinals

— NBA (
NBA) June 1, 2018

LeBron James leads every scorers v 24 points on 9-for-11 shooting, and also Kevin Love had 12 points and six board in his very first half ago from his concussion protocol.


LeBron James was basically perfect in the very first half the the NBA Finals

Cavaliers 51, warrior 45 (3:26, 2Q)

Jordan Clarkson brought over his unfortunately slip during warmups into the game, just 1-for-6 in his 10 minutes, consisting of 0-for-3 ~ above threes so far.

Cavaliers 44, warrior 40 (6:25, 2Q)

LeBron finally missed, but only once. He’s up to 20 points and 8-of-9 ar goals, including this Statue that Liberty-esque layup:

Make that 18 for LeBron James!There"s still 7:48 continuing to be in the first half ~ above #NBAonABC #WhateverItTakes 42 | #DubNation 35

— NBA (
NBA) June 1, 2018

Cavaliers 36, warrior 33 (9:45, 2Q)

LeBron James has yet to miss out on a ar goal, 6-for-6 through 16 points out of the gate, including obtaining inside v this dunk:


— Cleveland Cavaliers (
cavs) June 1, 2018

Cavaliers 30, warriors 29 (End 1Q)

If the entire NBA Finals is choose the first quarter of game 1, this will certainly be a funny series. Eight command changes and also six ties highlighted a back-and-forth opening 12 minutes. The two All-Star captains led in scoring, with LeBron James netting 12 points and Steph Curry 11, the latter including this pretty financial institution shot:

Steph offers the window for two!11 PTS, 3 AST for the
warriors allude guard in Q1.#DubNation #NBAonABC

— NBA (
NBA) June 1, 2018

Thompson heads to locker room

Klay Thompson got caught up through J.R. Smith and suffered what the Warriors dubbed a left lateral foot contusion, and also is meant to return. Thompson was eliminated from the game with 6:17 left in the very first quarter and went earlier to the warriors locker room. Thompson went back to the bench with simply over a minute continuing to be in the quarter.

Klay Thompson leaves game after JR blacksmith accidentally slips right into his legs

— gifdsports (
gifdsports) June 1, 2018

Thompson experienced a left knee strain during the western Conference Finals and also was noted as questionable because that Gmae 5 yet didn’t miss any kind of games in the series.

Cavaliers 15, warrior 12 (6:50, 1Q)

LeBron James has an early nine point out to offer Cleveland a lead v each team feeling each various other out in the first couple of minutes of the Finals. Steph Curry nailed one three, i m sorry helped offer him the chance to find Kevin Durant for this basic alley oop on a 2-on-1 break:

Steph tosses, KD slams in transition!#DubNation #NBAFinals watch on #NBAonABC

— NBA (
NBA) June 1, 2018

Need a seat?

There were some surprisingly affordable seats easily accessible up near tip time ~ above Thursday.

The stands in Oakland

Warriors pan at Oracle Arena were offered these yellow “Strength in Numbers” T-shirts prior to the game.

Kelley together Cox-USA TODAY sports

The arrival

If LeBron James and the Cavaliers come increase short in game 1, us now know why:

Suited up... The
Cavs arrive for video game 1 of the #NBAFinals (9pm/et #NBAonABC)! #NBAFinals

— NBA (
NBA) may 31, 2018


The fourth edition the the Cleveland Cavaliers and golden State warrior Finals are collection to begin on Thursday night in ~ 9 p.m. ET on ESPN. This year will certainly be a bit various though.

No much longer does LeBron James have Kyrie Irving to lean on come score the ball. As we’ve learned v the first three rounds, the scoring weight has actually mostly shifted onto him, v varying contributions from Kevin Love, Jeff Green and Kyle Korver.

It’s a huge reason why the Warriors space such one overwhelming favorite.

Warriors vs. Cavaliers video game 1

Date: might 31

When: 9 p.m. ET

Where: Oracle Arena, Oakland


Stream: alphabet Live Stream

Golden State will be under Andre Iguodala though, who was ruled the end Wednesday afternoon. He is still experiencing from a left lateral foot contusion that held him out of the last 4 games the the western Conference Finals. Because that Cleveland, Love was cleared to play hours prior to the game after beginning the concussion protocol following Game 6 of the east Conference Finals.

These teams recognize each other all too well now. So far, they’ve traded championship wins since 2015, with the most exciting series coming a year later on after Cleveland overcame a 3-1 deficit.

The odds space stacked versus the Cavs to victory this one. The talent disparity is so an excellent after gold State added Kevin Durant.

But nobody can ever before feel comfortable judgment out LeBron James.

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