September 29, 2020 at 4:08 pm PDTBy Cox Media team National contents DeskDavid Klein is a modern-day day Willy Wonka.

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The 74-year-old business man is the founder that Jelly ship jelly beans and also wants come share a little bit of his sweet life with multiple happy winners.

According come a push release, Klein and his partner have actually been traveling across the U.S., hiding “gold-style ticket in the kind of necklaces” in different places. The locations they choose all have some type of interesting story the sparked their interests.

Each necklace includes a distinctive code that, as soon as verified, promises $5,000 in winnings.

The yellow Ticket - Jelly belly - David Klein (The gold Ticket/Tricky Treasures, Inc.)

People in each state will have a chance to get in a endowment hunt challenge to discover the special necklaces. Every entry prices $50.

After registering for the sweetheart hunt, participants in every hunt will certainly receive much more details around the ar of the necklaces and a riddle to help them number out the hiding spot.

Klein claimed there is one dog tag-style yellow colored necklace inscribed v “THE gold TICKET” and also a password in every state. Some necklaces could be buried but will certainly not be deeper than what can be conveniently dug up with a garden shovel.

Everyone who registers because that the sweetheart hunts will be gotten in to victory the grand prize: a liquid factory. An all-expenses paid expedition to a candy-making university and the price of tuition at the college are likewise included in the cool prize.

Here space the newly announced start dates for contests in many states:

Sept. 30 — GeorgiaOct. 2 VirginiaOct. 8 TennesseeOct. 9 West VirginiaOct. 14 phibìc CarolinaOct. 16 KentuckyOct. 17 DelawareOct. 17 MaineOct. 17 MinnesotaOct. 17 Rhode IslandOct. 20 south CarolinaOct. 21 AlabamaOct. 23 FloridaOct. 24 ConnecticutOct. 24 MarylandOct. 24 MichiganOct. 24 north DakotaOct. 24 WashingtonOct. 24 VermontOct. 29 IowaOct. 29 brand-new JerseyOct. 29 OregonOct. 29 WyomingNov. 7 IdahoNov. 7 MontanaNov. 7 new HampshireNov. 7 brand-new YorkNov. 7 PennsylvaniaNov. 7 WisconsinNov. 14 MassachusettsNov. 14 southern DakotaNov. 21 California

Contests in other states will be announced soon.

Each endowment hunt has actually a limit of 1,000 participants.

Tickets in Georgia, Virginia, north Carolina, Florida, Washington, Wisconsin, new York, Pennsylvania and also Massachusetts have currently sold out.

While Klein and also his business partner marketed their re-superstructure of the Jelly Belly organization in 1980, just 4 years after creating the famous candy, the confectioner kept some of his liquid factories. Klein and also the partner agreed to get $10,000 a month for twenty years in exchange because that the Jelly ship trademark, a decision Klein stated he automatically regretted since it cut his candy power short.

Klein said the treasure hunt dispute is a way to have actually fun prior to he retires and to give ago to everyone that loves the candy industry as lot as he does.

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Read much more about Klein at the Los Angeles Times and also see an ext contest details here.