We’ve rounded up the rumors us busted around Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell’s relationship and what’s the truth.

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Goldie Hawn and also Kurt Russell’s connection is timeless, also though the tabloids have actually tried to case otherwise. The enduring Hollywood couple, who have actually been together for almost 40 years, has actually been plagued through incorrect rumors about their romance. Gossip Cop has rounded increase the couple of times the tabloids to be wrong around Hawn and Russell’s relationship.

Goldie Hawn and also Kurt Russell fell Out the Love?

Even though the pair is considered to be a rare success among Hollywood couples, it hasn’t quit the tabloids from comprising demeaning stories about them. Take because that instance, in November 2018, once Star alleged Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell were living separate lives. The outlet claimed the pair had an epic fight that caused Hawn telling Russell she’d “fallen the end of love” with him. A supposed resource further alleged the couple was currently living separate stays for part time prior to this alleged “fight” took place. Gossip Cop knew the story sound shady indigenous the start. There wasn’t any type of evidence to support this story’s outlandish claim about the pair “living separate lives” or that an epos fight finished their romance. Us busted the phony story when it come out. The case looks even sillier two years on.

Hawn and Russell to be Living different Lives?

Just job later, OK!, picked up exact same ball and also ran through it, asserting Russell and also Hawn had break-up after 35 year together. The publication asserted the pair had a “secret split” and also had to be living individually for at the very least a year. “Things have been tense between them for rather some time,” an alleged insider told the magazine, adding, the pair had been tired of the “secret and also lies.” The time of this story couldn’t have actually been worse. Not only had actually Gossip Cop already corrected a similar narrative native the outlet’s sisters publication, yet Hawn supported Russell in ~ the premiere the his Netflix movie, The Christmas Chronicles once this ludicrous story come out. We wasted no time in correcting this ridiculous story once it came out.

Kurt Dumped Goldie over The Phone?

In the spring of 2019, the Globe asserted Hawn to be dumped by Russell. The unreliable outlet completed Russell dumped his longtime companion over the phone. “Goldie believed she and also Kurt would certainly be with each other for the rest of your lives. She might never imagine something prefer this coming! that must have actually been heartbreaking,” a sketchy tipster told the magazine. As with the other tabloids, the Globe did no explain as to why Russell “broke up” through Hawn. What’s much more intriguing is the the unnamed source claimed it happened over the phone, as if the pair to be in high school. Gossip Cop, however, checked in v a resource close come the case who assured united state the write-up was fake.

Goldie come Kurt: “Marry Me Or Else!”

Months later, OK! landing in hot water through us again for asserting Goldie Hawn was demanding cut Russell marry her or she’d leave him. Native the title alone, Gossip Cop had a strong feeling this story to be made-up. Hawn and also Russell have stated over the years why they have chosen no to marry every other and since the couple has been together for decades, it wouldn’t make feeling that all of sudden, Hawn would adjust her mind. Yet, one anonymous resource purported the actress was “ready” because that the marital relationship “and if Kurt’s no on board, she’ll uncover somebody else who is!” for this reason after 30 plus year together, Hawn would be all set to relocate on from Russell simply to it is in married? The story make absolutely no sense, i m sorry is why we disproved the stunner narrative.

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Kurt Russell and also Goldie Hawn call Off their “Wedding”

Most recently, us corrected the Globe again because that falsely stating Hawn and Russell referred to as off their wedding after ~ a fight. First, there was never ever a wedding. Second, the tabloid’s “evidence” to assistance this ridiculous case was simply as absurd together the story itself. The publication supplied photos that what shows up to be Hawn and also Russell fighting to back its silly narrative. Then, an unnamed insider alleged, “Ever due to the fact that they chose to move ahead, they’ve been unlimited bickering end anything and also everything.” v our investigation and also the fact that we’ve debunked the narrative the the two were gaining married or having actually problems, Gossip Cop dismissed this bogus story.

Whether the tabloids like it or not, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell are solid as a rock and they probably will be for years come come!