Longtime lovebirds Goldie Hawn and also Kurt Russell space proof marriage is just a title. The Overboard alums have actually been life a life that bliss ever because they began dating in 1983, and despite never ever walking down the aisle, Goldie and Kurt share one of the the strongest bonds in all of Hollywood.

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The first Wives Club star and also the handsome heartthrob an initial met when filming the 1968 movie The One and also Only, Genuine, Original family Band. Despite Goldie when revealed she had actually a complete crush ~ above Kurt when they were an initial introduced, she no share her feelings because of their period difference.


“I to be 21 and also he was 16 and I believed he was adorable, but he was much too young,” the Academy compensation previously shared with the BBC. “And then, year later, we met increase again and also I liked him, and I remembered the I liked him really much as soon as I an initial met him. But we both stated we would never ever go the end with an additional actor, therefore it simply shows friend never can tell.”

It wasn’t till 1983 the the two reconnected on the set of Swing Shift. In ~ the time, Goldie was newly divorced from her 2nd husband, Bill Hudson — whom she to be married in 1976 — when Kurt had actually just separation from his first wife, Season Hubley, after nearly four year of marriage.

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The Escape From new York actor as soon as recalled the moment he to adjust his eye on Goldie after ~ 18 years because the time they an initial met. “I was severely hungover and also I didn’t recognize Goldie in ~ all exterior of having operated with her those plenty of years before. I just didn’t have in my mind what ns was going to see, and she had actually a an excellent body,” he shared on Conan. “So the very first thing that came out was, ‘Man, you’ve got a good figure.’ It came out quickly and it could’ve gone wrong, and she said, ‘Why give thanks to you."”

Fortunately, Kurt’s pickup heat worked and two quickly came to be a couple. Just three years right into their relationship, Goldie and also the Tombstone star welcomed their son, Wyatt Russell, in 1986. Considering Goldie is additionally the mom of kid Oliver Hudson and also daughter Kate Hudson from her relationship with Bill, while cut shares boy Boston Russell through ex-wife Season, the twosome effortlessly combined their families and became one huge brood.


Looking back on their years of love, the Snatched actress and also the Thing actor can not feel an ext grateful — specifically when it comes to their roles as grandma and also grandpa come Oliver and also Kate’s children. “The larger Goldie and Kurt get, the much more blessed castle feel,” an insider previously told Closer Weekly. “Being surrounding by your children and grandchildren is what life is every about. They yes, really are one of Hollywood’s many tight-nit families.”

Scroll with the gallery below to see Goldie and Kurt’s cutest photos v the years!



Goldie and also Kurt wore equivalent brown ensembles while spotted the end and about in 1983. This was quickly after they very first became a pair!