Kate Hudson just shared a new throwback picture to Instagram that a Rolling Stones magazine cover.

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Fans were quick to point out that she looks as with her mom, Goldie Hawn, in the picture.Kate commemorated her 41st date of birth over the weekend, and her mom provided her a special shout-out.

To memory the unofficial “weed day” the April 20, Kate Hudson posted a throwback Rolling Stones newspaper cover to Instagram. In the photo, a younger Kate rocks a belt through a hemp tree buckle, a lacy crop top that shows off she abs, and fanned out golden locks.

“In respect of 4/20, I assumed I would pull the end my
rollingstone Weed belt cover and also I am share information about benefits the marijuana, CBD, and also hemp in mine stories,” she composed in the caption. “The benefits space plentiful and also the goal is to be responsible! stay safe out there ✌️#AlmostFamous.”

Fans loved the nod to her iconic role as coin Lane. However they also couldn’t get over exactly how much young Kate looks favor her mom, actress Goldie Hawn. “You watch so much like her mama in this pic! 💕
goldiehawn,” one person commented. “Gosh you look so lot like her momma in this picture!! 2 beautiful ladies!” one more added.

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