Jon Rahm fight an unbelievable shot throughout a Tuesday exercise round at the Masters: a hole-in-one that he skipped over water ~ above purpose.

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Playing the par-3 16th in ~ Augusta National during Masters practice rounds is a to mark for competitors in the field. A tradition has actually been created that football player drop a ball just in former of the water hazard running the full length the the approach shot, hitting the sphere low and trying to skip it throughout the water and running the sphere on the green. Just gaining to the eco-friendly is a significant feat and usually color etc a many applause from master patrons.

Rahm took it a step more on Tuesday while practicing with Rickie Fowler, hitting one astounding shot v a 4-iron that skipped ~ above the surface ar of the water number of times and rolled increase onto the eco-friendly of the 170-yard hole v enough energy to role from the former of the environment-friendly to nearly the ago fringe. The ball then adhered to the break of the green, under the traditionally offered slope the fed the sphere all the method into the hole because that a mind-blowing ace.

His 2nd in two days, Jon Rahm skips his means to a hole-in-one in ~ No. 16 - ~ above his birthday, no less. #themasters

— The masters (

Unfortunately, without patrons there to angry it, the meant explosion of applause wasn"t there, but that didn"t average it wasn"t simply as good for the former civilization No. 1.

Rahm high-fived his caddie and also celebrated a Masters minute he"ll likely never forget. What"s even an ext insane is the this is the second time he"s do an ace in as plenty of days, per the Masters. ~ above Monday, Rahm made a hole-in-one ~ above the fourth hole. Today"s ace, though, came on his 26th birthday.

And that round 2 feet indigenous the hole that Rahm"s ace round rolled by? that was Rahm"s typical tee shooting on the hole.

Who began skipping balls top top No. 16 at Augusta National?

The legacy of skip balls throughout the water top top the 16th at Augusta nationwide in Masters practice rounds began in 1987, when note Calcavecchia and also Ken green started law it. As Calc retold the in 2018, he claimed Green got a letter native then-Masters chairman Hord Hardin, telling eco-friendly that"s not done at Augusta National.

Turns out, a heritage was born.

The just other well-known player to make a hole-in-one top top No. 16 after skipping a ball across the water is 2000 master champion Vijay Singh, that did that in 2009.

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