The Polara 2-piece Ultimate right golf sphere reduces hooks and slices by up to 75%. Every carton comes v 12 Ultimate right golf balls. 

Get her today and also dramatically enhance your golf game!

Why Polara? 

Let"s confront it:  Life is too brief to watch for shed balls and be slowed down by slices and hooks. Polara Golf products can cut 45 minute off a ring of golf, rise confidence and also pride, and make the game an ext enjoyable.

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ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: Polara Ultimate straight Self Correcting Golf Balls room for the golfer whose problem is far-reaching and persistent hooking or slicing off the tee. The distinctive 2-piece construction consists of a main core and also an outer cover.HOW it WORKS: indigenous the tee, suggest the arrowhead on the ball directly at her target, or heat it up with the center of the fairway. From the fairway, pat the round "as it lies" or re-adjust the ball orientation therefore the arrow again clues at her target.LESS AERODYNAMIC LIFT: Our right Self Correcting Golf Balls fly so straight because they exhibit much less aerodynamic background than various other golf balls. This advantage of reduce hooks and fixes slices, but likewise resulting in lower than normal round flight.IMPROVE her GAME: ours golf balls are designed to exactly hooks and slices i beg your pardon means, if you part a golf round 100 feet, the specific same swing through our anti-slice golf round would slice about 25 ft., leaving friend in the fairway rather of the rough.

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JUST for FUN: The Polara Ultimate right Self Correcting Golf Balls space designated for recreational golfers; not for competition play.

Dion Cooper, 26, of Brooklyn, to be hitting his driver towards the Manhattan skyline, the balls tailing turn off in the acquainted arc that the classic golf slice. Then he was handed the new Polara golf ball and took a healthy and balanced swat. “Straight as an arrow,” that yelped v a mix the awe and surprise. For the next 5 holes, he rarely sliced or hooked a ball."


Recommended Driver Loft: 10.5 degrees or HigherConstruction: 2-pieceBall Diameter: 1.682 inchesBall Weight: 45.5 gramsCompression: 85Core Material: PolybutadieneCore Diameter: 1.535 inchesCover Material: IonomerCover product Thickness: 0.073 inchesCover product Hardness: 62 shore DNumber that Dimples: 386Ball flight Characteristics: 75% Self-Correcting Technology™

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