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We are much less than a week away from what should be one of the many entertaining sporting events in current memory — even with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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"The Match: Champions for Charity" is a team-match golf competition, played in between the pairings of Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning and also Phil Mickelson and also Tom Brady. It should be a welcome distraction in a human being that is lacking sports, especially considering the pits 4 of the most achieved athletes in their respective sports in because that a friendly ring of golf.

But, as the name suggests, this conference is an ext than simply a conference of all-time greats: It"s likewise a method of increasing money because that coronavirus relief initiatives — a competitive way to a worthy end.

With that, here"s every little thing you need to know around the Tiger-Manning-Mickelson-Brady matchup in "The Match," consisting of time, date, format, odds and charitable efforts.

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Tiger Woods vs. Phil Mickelson match date 2020

Date: Sunday, might 24Time: 3 p.m. ET

The Match: Champions for Charity is scheduled to begin at 3 p.m. ET top top Sunday, might 24, and will be transfer nationally across WarnerMedia television channels including TNT, TBS, truTV and also HLN. Bleacher Report, additionally a WarnerMedia property, is hosting a preshow top top its app beginning at 2 p.m. ET.

How to watch The Match: Champions for Charity

TV channel: TNT, TBS, truTV and also HLN

The match will it is in simulcast top top on TNT, TBS, truTV and HLN. Because that those there is no cable, it can be streamed ~ above fuboTV, which supplies a cost-free seven-day trial.

The broadcast is hosted by Brian Anderson and also will encompass commentary indigenous Charles Barkley and Trevor Immelman. Amanda Balionis and PGA tourism star Justin Thomas will certainly serve together "on-course reporters."

WarnerMedia has been touting "unprecedented access" for its coverage. Woods, Brady, Manning and Mickelson will certainly each undertake mics throughout the match with the ability to interact freely v each other and the commentators, i m sorry is certain to encourage part amusing banter.

Where is The Match in 2020?

Location: Medalist Golf society (Hobe Sound, Fla).

The match will be held at the Medalist Golf club in Hobe Sound, Fla. By the time the match takes place, Florida will certainly be in the "Full step 1" portion of its plan to reopen the state, which enables professional sports venues to open for games, events and training.

Per a release by the PGA Tour, "tournament organizers room working with state and local government and also public health and wellness officials top top competition and production logistics to ensure the event follows safety and also health protocols."

The Match: Champions because that Charity format

The vain will function team match-play in between Woods and Manning and Mickelson and also Brady in one 18-hole tournament. The former nine will be played in a "best ball" format, one in i beg your pardon the shortest score for one team is used in the main scoring. The back nine will usage a "modified alternate shot" format.

Per the PGA Tour, "the unique combination of styles is aimed to provide an entertain mix of strategy, team teamwork and an effect to almost every shot."

The PGA Tour additionally said The enhance will incorporate a collection of on-course obstacles to raise added charitable funds, lot like Woods and Mickelson"s very first match in 2018. The very first of those will occur on the 5th hole, where golfers may only use one club.

The match purse 2020: how much money will be raised for charity?

Woods, Manning, Mickelson and Brady will jointly donate $10 million to advantage COVID-19 relief. The will also include a partnership with the "All In Challenge," — a digital fundraising initiative that incentivize donations with potential "once-in-a-lifetime experiences" from sports, music and entertainment figures.

The "All In Challenge" is at this time offering 18 feet of golf through Phil Mickelson and also private putting lessons indigenous Woods together potential prizes come auctions ~ above its site.

Odds for Tiger Woods-Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady-Phil Mickelson golf match

As of Monday, oddsmakers have Tiger and also Manning listed as favorites at -230 odds. Mickelson and Brady opened at +190.

Who winner the Tiger vs. Phil match in 2018?

Despite odds favoring the Tiger-Manning pairing, it was Mickelson who won the original enhance in November 2018. Mickelson entered that competition, organized at the shadow Creek Golf course in las Vegas, together a +160 underdog. After tying Woods with 18 holes, he lastly pulled v in the fourth playoff hole.

Mickelson had actually to play indigenous behind because that 11 the end of 18 holes in the original tournament; after winning his $200,000 bet the he"d open the match with a birdie, Mickelson played 1-up on Woods native the second through 6th holes. He finally pulled even on feet 7 prior to going ago 1-up on feet 8 and 9. Mickelson started Hole 10 in lot the very same fashion prior to evening the score and also taking a one-shot lead against Tiger on feet 11 and 12, respectively. The two were every square on 13 and also 14, despite Mickelson dropped behind a shoot on 15 and also 16. That evened the score on 17 and also 18 to take the competition to a playoff.

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Is Tom Brady great at golf?

Brady won"t offer up his day job anytime soon, however he"s still a kind golfer, supposedly playing to an 8.1 handicap.

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Back in 2017 — when he to be still quarterback with the Patriots — he was awarded membership of The nation Club in ~ Brookline in Massachusetts, which held the 1913 U.S. Open Championship success by caddie Francis Ouimet. Now in Tampa, Brady has been granted member at the Seminole Golf Club, ranked No. 34 by Golf.com in the top 100 courses in the world.

Other significant golf achievements from Brady incorporate winning the Michel Jordan Celebrity Invitational in 2006 (he was paired through Jordan, self a notoriously compete golfer). Brady has additionally played in numerous pro-ams over the years. That contains the 2014 Pebble coast Pro-Am, whereby in round 3 that sunk a 10-foot putt to eagle ~ above the par-5 second hole: