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Posing at the front and back of the Margaret Mitchell house. She (and her husband) stayed in an apartment ~ above the an initial floor.

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The Margaret Mitchell House

Atlanta, GA | atlantahistorycenter.comAddress: 979 Crescent Ave NEThe Margaret Mitchell house is no the home where the writer was born, however rather whereby her novel Gone with the Wind to be born. Mitchell actually inhabited an apartment ~ above the soil floor of this home, and it was here, at she Remington typewriter, the she composed the story that Scarlett O’Hara, because that which she was later awarded the Pulitzer Prize because that Literature.
Trying mine hand in ~ an old typewriter. The keyboard absolutely isn’t together user friendly as the one on mine laptop, but I did just fine.
Mitchell and also her second husband moved right into the apartment in 1925 and also lovingly called it “The Dump.” it is much from a dump, I assure you. We discovered it to be very cute and also charming, looking very much favor the quaint house of a writer. While life here, she created for the Atlanta newspaper for around four years prior to finally keying up the novel, Gone through the Wind.
Posing v the portrait that Scarlett O’Hara and the door come Tara, as checked out in the film.
Try your hand at a desktop typewriter much like the one Margaret Mitchell would have actually used, and also don’t miss out on the building next door, which residences some must-see items because that fans the the film. We were able to check out the initial painting of Scarlett and also the initial doorway from Tara! Both are larger than ns expected!See Related: The ideal Things To perform in Atlanta, Georgia

Marietta Gone through the Wind Museum “Scarlett top top the Square”

Marietta, GA | gwtwmarietta.comAddress: 472 flour Springs St SW (Brumby Hall)The Marietta Gone with the Wind Museum, or Scarlett top top the Square, has actually moved since our visit. We saw the place at the old cutting board Warehouse building in Marietta, yet it has actually moved to Brumby Hall as of April 2018. This place is a must-see because that fans that the film due to the fact that they have lot of initial movie props and memorabilia.
Posing with Scarlett O’Hara’s bengaline honeymoon gown, as watched in the film.
My favorite item to check out was the black and white bengaline gown the Scarlett wore in the movie. it is STUNNING! then again, Scarlett do curtains look good. Am i right?! In instance you’re wondering, “bengaline” is a towel made of cotton and also silk.

You’ll discover books and also posters that Gone v the Wind from all over the civilization in many different languages and also original movie props ranging from furniture piece to jewelry and also costumes. They even have Ona Munson’s (“Belle Watling”) original copy of the movie script! If you’re in search of a gown choose Scarlett’s, the gift shop uses replicas!
Part of the mural in ~ the road to Tara Museum. (You can’t watch Elvis in this particular photo, however he’s there!)
Located in an old train depot, the roadway to Tara Museum is an exciting stop for Gone with the Wind fans. While most of the costumes on display are replicas, you really won’t it is in disappointed as soon as you check out the detail up close. The gowns space amazing!
One costume item that actually is an initial piece native the movie is Scarlett’s bloomers! you’ll remember them from the step at the beginning of the movie wherein Mammy is trying to squeeze Scarlett into her corset and undergarments. Besides pantaloons, there space a few other quirky things to check out at the road to Tara Museum: Look because that the chicken feet on the hat of Scarlett’s environment-friendly curtains dress and look because that Elvis Presley in the mural!
The roadway to Tara Museum additionally has an interesting collection the items indigenous the Loew’s cool Theater, when in Atlanta. This theater was the house of the premiere that Gone with the Wind earlier in 1939 and also burned down in 1978.It’s precious noting the the black color stars that Gone v the Wind were not allowed to to visit the premiere because of segregation (According to the Wikipedia article around the Loew’s theater, your names weren’t even provided in the program, i beg your pardon is past ridiculous). Likewise know the Hattie McDaniel won an Oscar for she portrayal of Mammy, and also is the very first African-American to victory this award! Yes, girl!

Stately Oaks Plantation

Jonesboro, GA | historicaljonesboro.orgAddress: 100 Carriage LaneStately Oaks is one 1839 antebellum house located at Margaret Mitchell Memorial Park. The park is additionally home come a nation store, old schoolhouse, cookhouse, and also other duration structures. It certainly feels like you step ago in time, especially because the tour guides additionally dress in duration attire. Man, did us feel under-dressed!
Stately Oaks is very reminiscent of Tara, Scarlett’s plantation home in Gone with the Wind in appearance (but smaller!). In the book, Tara is actually located in this very same town the Jonesboro, Georgia, for this reason this protect against is really fitting because that a Gone with the Wind fan!

Oakland Cemetery

Atlanta, GA | oaklandcemetery.comAddress: 248 Oakland Ave SEThe Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta is the final resting location of Margaret Mitchell (Marsh). She died at the age of 48 (1949) once a car hit her as she crossed Peachtree Street. She husband, man Marsh, passed away three years later and is buried beside her.

Mary Mac’s Tea Room

Atlanta, GA | marymacs.comAddress: 224 Ponce De Leon Ave NEStop in at mary Mac’s in Atlanta for some true southern cooking. This restaurant to be originally opened in 1945 and also is the only “tea room” left in Atlanta. In 2011, it to be officially called “Atlanta’s Dining Room,” therefore you understand you’re gonna uncover some good food and also Southern hospitality!The menu is full of lull food prefer fried okra, fried environment-friendly tomatoes, meatloaf, pork chops, shrimp and grits, fried catfish, and also banana pudding. Definitely lug your appetite! It’s also fun to keep in mind that you will do it be taking your very own order. Document and pencils are noted for customers to jot down their very own orders once decisions space made (for me, it took awhile! whatever looked spectacular!).

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