"The Vampire Diaries," "In the warmth of the Night" and other Hollywood productions have also been filmed here.

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Inside the Mansion that motivated 'Gone through the Wind'


"Gone through the Wind" features one of the grandest residences in all of classic cinema, and also now is your opportunity to own it — or at least the house that influenced the Wilkes" southern plantation (the movie was greatly shot on especially built collection pieces).

The antebellum plantation known as Twelve Oaks is located in Covington, Georgia, about 35 mile from main Atlanta. It"s now on the auction block in ~ Target Auction, with a minimum reserve price that $1 million for the historic 10,000-plus-square-foot estate.

But "Gone v the Wind" isn’t the just Hollywood background found in ~ this home’s gables. Several various other television shows and also movies have been filmed here, including "The Vampire Diaries." Come take it a look within the home’s plenty of rooms.

Update: Twelve Oaks offered at auction on July 25, 2019, for an undisclosed amount. Follow to Twelve Oaks" facebook page, the winning bid "was not fairly what we wanted, but enough to allow us to move forward." The mansion continues to operate as Twelve Oaks Bed and also Breakfast.

The History


A Georgia judge named John Harris developed this house in 1836. One hundred years later, "Gone through the Wind" novelist Margaret Mitchell spotted the antebellum mansion from a picture in the Atlanta Journal. She sent along a keep in mind to movie producers to use it together a version for Ashley Wilkes’ residence in the attribute film.

The mansion dropped into disrepair over the years and also at one suggest sat empty before Nicole Greer purchased that in 2011.

Speaking come Deep southern Mag, Greer claims she kept every little thing historically accurate, and also she appears to have actually gone to great lengths to carry out so.

The Renovations were Historically Accurate


She replaced the damaged windows" old wavy glass and also even had actually the gas coal sets in every fireplace developed to resemble the original. "There was only one human in the United claims that also did that, and also we found him in Washington, Georgia," she said the magazine.

It’s rather the feat. The 12-bedroom home has 12 fireplaces and also has attracted many television shows and movies as a filming location.

And They price Over $2 Million


According to the press release, over $2 million of renovations went into this mansion, which has been christened Twelve Oaks in respect of the Wilkes mansion.

Greer activate the estate as an upscale bet and also breakfast, occasion venue and shooting place for over six years. She has actually given numerous of the home"s en-suite bedrooms a name based upon shows and movies that have actually either filmed below or are linked to the South.

It remained in 'The Vampire Diaries'


As per Twelve Oaks" facebook page, this photograph shows a step from "The Vampire Diaries" special the mansion.

Twelve Oaks is offered for the 1864 flashback scene featuring the Lockwood Mansion. It have the right to be checked out in the 4th episode that the 2nd season and also other scene throughout the series.

Connections come Hollywood


Other productions that have showcased the mansion include:

"Vacation""Step Up: High Water""Life that the Party""Tyler Perry’s The household that Preys""Halloween 2""Southern Fried Homicide""In the warmth of the Night""Bessie""Scalpel"

According come the push release, the heritage averages "one or 2 movie or TV display contracts every year and additionally provides accommodations because that the cast."

Notes indigenous Margaret Mitchell

Mitchell’s handwritten notes from the publication "David O. Selznick’s Gone with the Wind" by Ronald Haver.

Mitchell spotted the mansion when visiting Covington and sent this newspaper snipping to the film’s producers. Although Mitchell had tiny else to perform with the film’s production, the was offered as a basis for the top mansion presented in the standard movie.

The Entry

Stepping turn off the porch and into the 183-year-old mansion, you"ll an alert the hardwood floors, period lighting and also a lengthy staircase.

You might also an alert that this staircase doesn"t completely resemble the one in "Gone through the Wind." However, the real Twelve Oaks" staircase is rather grand.

The Staircase


And that wraps all the means up the mansion.

Sure, it"s not GWTW, yet it"s absolutely impressive. Simply shout about how lot you don"t provide a cursed whenever someone enters the front door.

They"ll have the ability to hear you.

The Parlor


Take a step ago in time in the parlor room, i m sorry is adorned with all type of classic furniture.

It"s rather spacious, and also the ceilings are around 11 feet high.

The Dining Room


The dining room can seat 40 when additional tables are set up.

There"s fairly a the majority of room because that guests outside, too. The home sits on over 3 acres, and also there"s a four-car carriage house and also an electric auto charging port on the grounds.

Dining v Style


As a bed and also breakfast, Twelve Oaks serves standard Southern foodstuffs like biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, peaches and cream French toast and also strawberry shortcake pancakes.

If that doesn"t to fill you up, Covington has a slew the restaurants come satiate your appetite and a number of boutiques to drainpipe your wallet.

The Kitchen


A black and white coffered ceiling add to a contemporary touch to the kitchen, which functions a wood-topped kitchen island big enough come seat number of people.

Arched Windows


A row of arched windows offers ample light in the country-style kitchen, which features a double-sink and also impressive cabinetry.

The master Bedroom


The four-poster bed, chandelier, morning bar and antique furniture make resting (and living) in the understand bedroom a delight.

This room isn"t on the Twelve Oaks Bed and Breakfast website. We think it"s the owner"s suite.

Very expensive Bathtubs


According come a push release native Target Auction, 2 of the baths in this home cost "over $14,000 each."

This is surely among those really expensive bathtubs.

Double Vanities


Double vanities: One sink because that Rhett, and one sink for Scarlett.

The hidden glass, decorative windows look out over the property"s rolling landscape.

The Salvatore brothers Study


This bedroom/study combo is the Salvatore brothers Study, called after Stefan and also Damon Salvatore from CW"s "The Vampire Diaries."

However, it can be a little too bright because that true bloodsuckers.

Study increase on Demonology


The study is a good spot to carry out some research study on the zero self and other occult practices.

We"re surprised over there aren"t much more mirrors, though. The Salvatore brothers room from a family members of doppelgangers, and also we"re guessing they like to make sure they look just right prior to going in because that the kill.

Bathe in Blood ... Well, no Really


The Salvatore brothers" bathroom attributes subway tiles and also an antique-looking brass showerhead.

You probably wouldn"t want to shower in blood here, even if you to be a vampire. It"s just too nice and also clean come sully v pauper"s plasma.

Famous Guests

Steven McQueen stayed below while filming "The Vampire Diaries."

In the show, McQueen play Jeremy Gilbert, who lived in ~ the Salvatore"s boarding house after the initial mansion melted down. He played his duty for six seasons and became a vampire hunter.

The display lasted because that eight seasons, through its last illustration airing in in march 2017

Suite Heat


In the warm of the Night is a second-floor suite named after the 1988 TV collection of the very same name.

The show was set in the South and also starred Carroll O"Connor and also Howard Rollins, and also ran for 7 series. It was based upon the 1967 movie. Check out the theme song.

The show had number of scenes filmed at the mansion, including one where a auto exploded.

In the warmth of the Night


"In the warmth of the Night" dealt with a whole lot of gritty issues, including police brutality, poverty, drunk driving, euthanasia, AIDS and domestic violence. It was a popular show while that aired.

The first season was filmed in Hammond, Louisiana, however at the start of the 2nd season shooting relocated to Covington.

During the show"s run, Rollins struggled v alcohol and drug addiction, racking up 3 DUIs in eight months and also had two superior warrants in Rockdale County and also Covington by 1993. He was then fired from the show after season six, and costars Anne-Marie Johnson and also Geoffrey Throne left together well.

Tragically, Rollins died in 1996 in ~ the period of 46 indigenous AIDS-related lymphoma.

A warm Bathroom


This bathroom is elegant and also simple, through shocks that red and a decorative bubble glass window.

The freestanding bathtub is similar to others in the house, while the basin with that antique-styled brass fixtures brings a touch that modernism come a classic style scheme.

Katherine's mirror Image


This second-floor bedroom has been coined Katherine"s winter Image, nicknamed after ~ Katherine Pierce indigenous "The Vampire Diaries." She meets Elena for the very first time in an episode that to be filmed in ~ Twelve Oaks.

The bedroom consists of a twin slipper clawfoot bath tub that"s large enough come fit 2 people. And it"s right in the bedroom. Fancy.

But what if you desire to take a shower? climate you"re in for an experience.

The Ribcage Shower


This bedroom in Twelve Oaks has one the the most interesting features top top the whole property. It"s a needle or rib cage shower that"s most likely from the 1920s.

Most world used bathtubs, and also only the wealthy could afford these early species of showers. This shower has actually either been revived or replicated from its initial design.

Small water jet spray (or "needle") the end of multiple locations of the shower"s 4 ribs.

The Ribcage Shower, Continued


These showers were fairly overdesigned, but they were supposed to be more like a massage.

The jets would shoot right into the kidney area and spine, massaging it prefer a was standing jacuzzi.

They cost in between $300 and $500 in the 1920s, i m sorry is favor spending $4,800-$8,000 today. Because that comparison, an expensive bathtub cost $50.

A Touch of Vervaine


As discussed by the Fairy tale Traveler, the purple flower by the bed is Vervaine, and also it"s in every the suites.

In "Vampire Diaries" lore, Vervaine is a vampire repellent, which deserve to burn or threaten them, comparable to divine water.

In real life folklore, Vevaine has actually been associated with divine forces since ancient Egypt and ancient Greece.

It's Haunted


It wouldn"t be a southern antebellum plantation without a ghost story, would certainly it?

Twelve Oaks is stated to be haunted through a woman and also her young son. The woman"s son died on the property, and the two haunt the halls come this day.

The Frankly Scarlett Suite

This first-floor suite has been nicknamed the Frankly Scarlett after "Gone with the Wind" (obviously).

It attributes an antique grand canopy bed, a columned fireplace and views of the enormous porch columns outside.

Frankly my Dear, ns Don't give a Hoot


Naturally, this room is named after the "Frankly my dear, ns don"t offer a damn" line from the movie.

Contrary come a well-known myth, it wasn"t the an initial time "damn" had been provided in a movie, and also the producer weren"t fined $5,000 for making use of it.

Before the movie to be released in 1939, the Motion snapshot Production Code ratified rules to allow the usage of "damn" or "hell" in a movie under certain circumstances, and as long as those nefarious words weren"t supplied to offend an excellent taste.

Producers to be a little worried around the line leading up to the release, though. Various alternatives to the famed line encompass "I don"t offer a hoot!" and also "I am fully indifferent." Those don"t have the exact same ring.

Frankly, You'll provide a Damn


Each the the home"s 12 fireplaces are remote-controlled, and also the mansion has 5 chimneys.

This fireplace is initial to the house, too.

The Frankly Scarlett Bathroom


The bathroom features Carrera marble tile and also a large walk-in shower with three rain heads, decision sconces and a hand spray instead of a tub.

The third Floor


The 3rd floor has actually its own little seating area and also a kitchen equipped with a fridge, sink and also microwave, simply in instance you don"t desire to go all the means downstairs because that a snack.

Steel Magnolia


This third-floor suite features a bead plank ceiling, French dormer windows and also a canopy bed with French silk draping.

It"s dubbed Steel Magnolia, most likely after 1989"s "Steel Magnolias," which was filmed in Natchitoches, Louisiana.

A Sweet Suite


Netflix"s "Sweet Magnolias" also features the house. In it, Twelve Oaks is one old mansion being renovated right into a women"s health and wellness center.

The bead board ceiling is initial to the house, and also the fireplace is managed via a remote. It"s an excellent for those it will be cold Georgia winters, although many of the moment you"ll be cranking the wait conditioning.

Unwind in This Perfect Bathroom


The relaxed bathroom functions a freestanding tub and a marble shower.

The bathroom includes both chromotherapy and aromatherapy features, therefore you have the right to soak and rest for a day the end in the Hollywood that the South.

Suite home Alabama


This third-floor suite, named Suite house Alabama, features an antique king-sized bed indigenous France that can be split into two twin beds.

Of course, this room is named after "Sweet house Alabama" by Lynyrd Skynrd.

You have the right to Say Suite home Alabama Again.


A tiny study nook overlooks the prior yard and gives a great view that the oak-lined yards. The room deals with the former of the house, through a workdesk placed in former of a dormer window.

You have the right to watch the world come and also go, and also write letters choose Margaret Mitchell.

Where the Skies room So Blue


Over 90 films and television shows have been filmed in Covington, make it one of the most popular filming destinations in Georgia.

Over the past decade, Georgia ended up being the so-called Hollywood of the South, starting with AMC selecting Senoia because that the shooting ar of "The go Dead."

The state provides a 20 percent incentive on productions that expense $500,000 or more, plus another 10 percent if the display or movie throws in the Georgia peach logo design in the credits. That"s one sweet peach.

Suite home Alabama, times Three


Have a drink and also a soak in this suite"s dual slipper nippers foot tub, complete with hand spray and also book/cup holder.

Cannonball Run


This room is named Cannonball Run, ~ the 1981 comedy starring Burt Reynolds, Dom DeLuise, and also a whole lot of various other guest stars.

A memorable step in "The Cannonball Run" to be shot in Covington, as soon as the two lead gibbs fly a aircraft and land in the city square for part beer.

A grand Soaking Tub


A beautiful soaking bath tub sits near a home window and below a barrel ceiling.

This looks like another one the those $4,000 bathtubs.

Dreams the Relocating


If a continue to be at Twelve Oaks renders you want to relocate to Covington, we don"t reprimand you. The city is gorgeous.

Median dwellings list for $259,000 and sell for about $237,000, follow to realtor.com, and have a typical listing price of $129 per square foot.

Breakfast in ~ Tiffany's


"Breakfast in ~ Tiffany’s" to be shot completely in brand-new York City, so why is this room named after Audrey Hepburn’s 1961 film?

What around Breakfast at Tiffany's?


Well, there’s a scene whereby Hepburn sings the song "Moon River" by Henry Mancini and Savannah indigenous Johnny Mercer.

The tune was extremely popular and also received an Academy Award and a Grammy.

Additionally, Truman Capote, who wrote the novella, to be born in brand-new Orleans.

And, the home has actually Tiffany Blue colors.

An electric Fireplace


This is among the couple of rooms in the residence that did not have actually an initial fireplace. As such, this one is electric.

It does mix in quite well v the cozy small third-floor suite, which additionally comes v a queen-sized bed.

The Eiffel Tower on the kaminsims is a pretty touch, too.

There's a Gazebo


The grounds are expertly manicured and also features a beautiful gazebo by the pool.

It"s situated just beyond a a set of iron gates in the ago yard. Tall trees create a natural privacy fence over where the ivy-covered brick wall surface stops.

The Pool


Relax one of two people in the pool or gain a drink in the gazebo and embrace your inner Scarlett O"Hara. Or Rhett.

Just don"t begin making a scene.

A location for Parties


You don’t have to be a vampire native the 19th century to reap the night.

The patio has more than enough room to accommodate dozens the guests.

The Carriage House


The carriage house holds 4 cars.

It have the right to hold even much more golf carts, which is an excellent because it’s legal to drive golf carts ~ above Covington’s streets.

There is also a charging terminal for carts and electric cars.

A look Back


This photograph is believed to have been take away in the early 1900s.

The mansion tho looks almost identical come this photo, return the eastern wing’s second-story balcony has been removed and converted into a bathroom.

How much to Replicate? A Lot


Target Auction states the cost to rebuild the mansion would be over $6.3 million.

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Twelve Oaks continues to operate as a bed and also breakfast under its brand-new owners. So if you"re in search of a expedition down South, or desire to live for a weekend in full Southern grandeur, pay them a visit.