The Georgia mansion that inspired one that the residences in Gone with the Wind will be auctioned in ~ the finish of July 2019. Twelve Oaks is the name of the plantation home of the Wilkes family in the novel, and aristocratic Ashley Wilkes is the male that Scarlett O’Hara obsesses over for years, come the chagrin of Rhett Butler.

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Built in 1836, this real-life “Gone with the Wind” southerly mansion in Covington, which was originally dubbed the Harris Plantation, was named one the the top 10 Antebellum website in Georgia and also is top top the nationwide Register. As the novel was being adapted, writer Margaret Mitchell supposedly saw a photograph of the house in the Atlanta Journal, and sent a trimming of it to the film’s manufacturing team with a handwritten keep in mind saying, “I like this because that Ashley’s home.”

Twelve Oaks at twilight. Courtesy of Target Auctions

Eventually named Twelve Oaks, its many recent incarnation was as a bed and also breakfast and also event space. “The stately white pillar-covered mansion features an ext than 10,000 square feet the renovated room — end $2 million was spent resolving it increase recently, according to a press release issued from Target Auction, the agency overseeing the sale.”


Entrance Hall. Courtesy that Target Auctions


Courtesy that Target Auctions

Today reported, “As for why they’re marketing the property, the current owner defined in a statement: ‘We feel we’ve accomplished what we set out to do and also we are ready to start a brand-new adventure.’ “The live auction will certainly take location at the residential or commercial property on July 25th.

According come Target Auction, “There room 12 huge bedrooms and 12 1/2 luxurious baths along with a cool dining room, parlor, unshened dining and also living spaces and a chef’s dream kitchen. Among the baths includes a really rare antique luxury shower that is just one of the only ones in the world. There are two bathtubs that cost over $14,000 each… The building sits on end 3 acre of gardens through a pool, gazebo, and also pergola and also with a 4-car historical carriage house.”


Dining Room. Courtesy of Target Auctions


Parlor. Courtesy that Target Auctions

Living Room. Courtesy the Target Auctions

Covington, 35 miles from Atlanta, is recognized as the Hollywood the the South. Much more than 125 movies and TV shows have been filmed in and around there. Within the Twelve Oaks “Gone v the Wind” mansion are 4 reproductions of Scarlett’s (Vivien Leigh) gowns native the film as well as two of Rhett’s (Clark Gable) suits.

According to the website for Twelve Oaks, Judge man Harris constructed it together his townhouse in 1836. “He owned a big plantation close to Covington that was pilfered by commonwealth troops in 1864 when they were start Sherman’s march come the Sea,” said the site. “The Atlanta history Center has journal entries native Sherman and also Harris explicate details that Sherman’s thirty-day remain at the Harris Plantation.”


Kitchen. Courtesy that Target Auctions


Kitchen. Courtesy the Target Auctions

Master Bathroom. Courtesy that Target Auctions

Master Bathroom. Courtesy that Target Auctions

​After the polite War, Robert Franklin light bought the residential property for $1,000 and also named the The Cedars. The household refurbished the inner and added a boxwood garden come the behind of the mansion. In 1903 they marketed the residence to Nathanial S. Turner, a cotton broker who owned Covington Mills. The home at some point acquired a new name, Whitehall. However, the home dropped into disrepair in the 1930s.

Master Bedroom. Courtesy the Target Auctions

Salvatore Study. Courtesy of Target Auctions

Bedroom. Courtesy that Target Auctions

Katherine’s cool Suite. Courtesy of Target Auctions

Magnolia Spa Suite. Courtesy of Target Auctions

Bedroom. Courtesy the Target Auctions

Cannonball operation Grand Suite. Courtesy that Target Auctions

In the 1940s, complying with the manufacturing of the movie Gone through the Wind, the mansion and also the whole Covington area became a draw for tourists. An write-up published at the moment said, “Covington’s beautiful old residences were very first opened to the general public in 1948 for a tour sponsored by the Covington Garden Club… more than 2,500 actually descended upon the small city…Police make the efforts vainly to take care of the constantly swelling tide which poured in…from all directions. Travellers came native as far away as brand-new York and also California. An antique dealer to express amazement at the beautiful homes and also their handsome furnishings.”

Balcony. Courtesy that Target Auctions

Pool Area. Courtesy the Target Auctions

Although the Harris Plantation house and also other Deep south mansions influenced Margaret Mitchell and also the picture were offered as guides, no a single scene the the standard film was actually shot in Georgia. It to be filmed at what to be then the Selznick international Studios and other locations near Los Angeles. The renowned barbecue in ~ Twelve Oaks made usage of the long-gone Busch Gardens in Pasadena, one estate constructed by the Busch imminent family. Remnants that the landscaping can still be checked out in gardens of the houses around Arroyo Boulevard between Bellefontaine Street and Madeline Drive–the gardens additionally stood in because that the grounds that “Xanadu” in citizens Kane.

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Architectural Digest wrote, “Though Gone through the Wind was filmed ~ above a set, Twelve Oaks has served together a filming place for various other productions including The Vampire DiariesTyler Perry’s The household That Preys, and also Halloween II.