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Gone v the Wind, American epos film, released in 1939, the was among the ideal known and most successful films of all time. It enjoyed a more-than-30-year reign as the all-time Hollywood crate office champion, and also it winner eight Academy Awards (in enhancement to 2 honorary awards). Based on the runaway best-selling 1936 novel Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell, the movie is almost four hours long and also includes an intermission.

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The film, collection in the American South during the time the the polite War, speak the story the Scarlett O’Hara (played through Vivien Leigh), the headstrong and willful daughter that the owner that the plantation Tara. The story starts in 1861. Scarlett is in love with Ashley Wilkes (Leslie Howard), yet she learns that he intends to marry his cousin Melanie Hamilton (Olivia de Havilland). At a party in ~ Ashley’s home, Scarlett’s overtures come Ashley room seen by another guest, Rhett butler (Clark Gable). Ashley rebuffs Scarlett, and also she thus agrees come marry Melanie’s brothers Charles (Rand Brooks). War is declared, and the guys go turn off to enlist. Charles dies of measles during the war, and the widowed Scarlett goes to Melanie’s home in Atlanta. She meets Rhett at a charity fund-raising bazaar, and she dances v him, violating the customary rules of mourning. Rhett, a successful blockade runner, proceeds to visit Scarlett over the next couple of months, as Atlanta comes significantly under siege. Ashley returns home on a Christmas furlough and also asks Scarlett to take care of Melanie, that is pregnant. Melanie goes right into labour as Atlanta is being evacuated, and also Scarlett and her maid Prissy (Butterfly McQueen) need to attend the birth on your own. Scarlett summons Rhett to take her, Melanie, Prissy, and the baby earlier to Tara, and they flee with the burn city, just to find that Tara has been pillaged by Union soldiers. Scarlett’s mother has died, and also her father has actually fallen into a depression. The only civilization remaining there space her father, her sisters, and the previous slaves Mammy (Hattie McDaniel) and also Pork (Oscar Polk).