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If you clicked ~ above this post then friend are most likely like me, hear so much about an excellent American Jeans and also wondering if they space worth all the exaggeration or not. Are they just popular because Khloe Kardashian made them? did she in reality make them or just slap her surname on them? room all the influencers speak they’re exceptional just since they’re getting paid to? Well, I decided to finally discover out for myself, and also no, this isn’t sponsored! ns bought the jeans v my own money. Currently let’s acquire into my great American jeans review!

Good American blue jeans Review


If friend don’t know anything about good American climate I’ll give you a tiny background…

Why the brand gained so popular: fine first, it’s a Kardashian haha. Yet also, great American Jeans is among the few denim brands that emphasis on human body positivity and also have human body inclusive sizing, an interpretation that no issue your size and also whether you’re short, tall, slim, or curvy, you can uncover a pair of blue jeans for you. They have a vast size range, ranging from 00-24! civilization love that with this inclusive selection of denim, women of all forms can find a good pair the jeans.

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Fun fact: A lot of of people don’t know this, but Khloé Kardashian is not the just founder. She co-founded the brand through Emma Grede, a marketing firm owner that later got into organization with Kris Jenner and also ultimately, Khloe Kardashian together well.

Ordering: On her website, you can see all species of females modeling the blue jeans (not just Khloe’s sisters) and also you can also see what the blue jeans look favor ON ladies of various sizes. Ns think that’s really cool. I was also impressed by the website because there’s so lot info, tips, and also different blue jeans styles. You have the typical “Khloe” jean layout full that holes and also rips, however then girlfriend have classic styles together well. I ordered the classic good Straight because that $99 in a size 4.

First impressions: in ~ first, ns was underwhelmed. I don’t know about you, but I consider the blue jeans to it is in a tiny pricey starting at $99 (and going up to $215+). I opened up up the package and also the blue jeans reeked the chlorine (I wonder if this was as result of Covid?) and they looked just like normal blue jeans haha. I mean, everyone acts prefer they’re magic, so ns wasn’t rather sure what ns was expecting.

Also, lock looked tiny. I gained a size 4 (I undertake a 2-4) and I really assumed they weren’t going come fit. I additionally considered returning them for a brief second because castle looked like one of my favorite H&M pairs and I didn’t require both.

But I made decision to follow through with my planned review and also I slipped castle on. They weren’t as hard to gain on as I had actually thought. Ns really thought I’d have to do part wiggling, but these jeans stretched with me.


I may have been underwhelmed at first but i loved them more and an ext the longer I wore them. They’re stretchy blue jeans (at the very least my pair is) and also they feeling so comfortable on mine body. Sitting down wasn’t an issue and also I could actually see myself wearing these to travel. They remind me that the styles I choose at H&M, yet they space 1000% times comfier.

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Also, my butt looks really good in them if I carry out say for this reason myself.