Bon Cop, poor Cop is a television display that showed up on TV in 1970 . Bon Cop, poor Cop ended its operation in 1970.

It functions Kevin Tierney as producer.

Bon Cop, bad Cop is recorded in English/French and originally aired in Canada. Each episode of Bon Cop, negative Cop is 116 minutes long. Bon Cop, negative Cop is spread by Alliance Films.

The cast includes: Colm Feore together Martin Ward, Patrick Huard as David Bouchard, Patrice Bélanger as Tattoo Killer, Sylvain Marcel together Luc Therrien, Pierre Lebeau together Capt. Le Boeuf, and Ron Lea as Brian MacDuff.

Bon Cop, bad Cop Quotes

Patrice Bélanger as Tattoo Killer

(Patrice Bélanger) "You"ve obtained to it is in fucking kidding me"

Sylvain Marcel together Luc Therrien

(Sylvain Marcel) "Oh because that fuck"s benefits --" (Sylvain Marcel) "Are you talkin" to me? Huh? are you talkin" to me?" (Sylvain Marcel) "Goddammit --"

Patrick Huard together David Bouchard

(Patrick Huard) "Chief, it"s okay; I understand English." (Pierre Lebeau) "Ah, shit." (Pierre Lebeau) "It"s okay. David -- have the right to English." (Pierre Lebeau) "He have the right to English. He have the right to --" (Ron Lea) "Oh. Okay." (Pierre Lebeau) "So, uh; we thought it would be good, uh; hopititit -- it to be a good --" (Ron Lea) "Opportunity." (Pierre Lebeau) "It to be a good -- hopportunity to --" (Colm Feore) "You might speak French, Captain." (Pierre Lebeau) "Ah, for fuck"s services --" (Patrick Huard) "You might lose your task for this." (Colm Feore) "I don"t offer a damn." (Patrick Huard) "You speak French?" (Colm Feore) "No, no really. I had actually a little gadget installed in my mind and I check out subtitles under human being when lock speak." (Patrick Huard) "You have an accent in both languages. Who was your teacher? Jean Chrétien?" (Iris Ward) "What are you doing here?" (Johnathan Ward) "I just saved my dad." (Patrick Huard) "From what? Heart strike by the town hall curling top top TV?"

Colm Feore as Martin Ward

(Colm Feore) "The suspect." (Patrick Huard) "Mon char." (Colm Feore) "How room we walking to define this?" (Patrick Huard) "For the moment, us say nothing." (Colm Feore) "Quoi? space you crazy? The suspect just passed away in her car; we have to report this." (Patrick Huard) "You"re the seed case. What perform you think your bosses will certainly say as soon as they discover out this occurred as a result of her negligence?" (Colm Feore) "My negligence? i told friend that us should carry him to headquarters, yet you couldn"t was standing the assumed of no being able to sit roughly showing off in prior of her pals." (Patrick Huard) "Well, if her fucking steps were for this reason important, just how come friend didn"t continue to be with the vehicle instead of comes inside and also sucking up because that a cost-free meal, and also flirting through my ex-wife in front of ours child?" (Colm Feore) "That"s it; you"re crazy. I"m walk to create my report detailing precisely what happened, and also I don"t care what girlfriend do however I"m no letting you drag me down in this shit with you." (Patrick Huard) "It"s also late, because you"re currently in shit. If you want to keep your job and be maybe to feeding our kids, then the only means we can get through this is by shutting up and finding the sick that did this." (Patrick Huard) "That"s the only way out." (Colm Feore) "Shit de merde de shit de crap de TABARNAC." (Patrick Huard) "24 hours. Provide me 24 hours. If us can"t find anything, I"ll define what happened." (Colm Feore) "Not one hour more." (Patrick Huard) "Well, the investigation is moving forward." (Patrick Huard) "At least we know it wasn"t him." (Colm Feore) "Merde de shit de merde de crap de TABERNAC." (Colm Feore) "His love is in Québec." (Patrick Huard) "Ya l"Ontario dans l"cul aussi." (Colm Feore) "What ?" (Patrick Huard) "But his ass belongs come you." (Colm Feore) "His heart is in Québec." (Patrick Huard) "But his ass belongs to you." (Harry Buttman) "Don"t you understand who i am? We"ll sue her asses.

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Girlfriend can"t placed me in the trunk of a car." (Colm Feore) "Yes us can. It"s Quebec tradition."

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