Kerry drew has been a main point member the the Fox 5 brand-new York News team because joining earlier in April 2012.

Over the past nine years, Kerry has operated on Fox, especially as an anchor top top the good Day wake Up show.

She has gone from strength to toughness at Fox, winning an Emmy compensation for she work. So, it may come together a surprise that Kerry attracted is currently making the decision to part ways with the network.


Screenshot: an excellent Day wake Up Co-Anchors – Fox 5 brand-new York YouTube

Is Kerry drew leaving Fox 5?


On 20 respectable 2021, Kerry attracted made the announcement the she is leaving Fox 5 News. She posted to Instagram around her decision to leaving the network.

“Today was my last display on an excellent Day wake up Up. Over the last virtually 10(!) years, ns have gotten to evil history, interviewed newsmakers, celebrities and also politicians, and made tremendous lifelong friends. Come the Fox 5 viewers – give thanks to you for your support and also kindness and for welcome me right into your dwellings for the critical decade,” Kerry wrote.

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However, Kerry concluded her statement with, “It’s no goodbye – it’s check out you later!” This might mean that Kerry drew will be returning to Fox News in the future, however for now, she will be off our screens.

Kerry’s partner at Fox all commented ~ above the Instagram post, bidding Kerry farewell. 

Ines Rosales wrote: “I’ll miss out on seeing girlfriend at occupational girl!!! view you on the outside.”

Ryan Kristafer added: “Love friend Ker – she a course act and will constantly be a friend.”

But where is Kerry drew going?

Given the Kerry drew is implying her absence from Fox is only temporary, you could be curious as to her reason for acquisition time far from the network.

As the yet, Kerry has actually not make an announcement around her future endeavours.

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Given the she provided birth come her 3rd child, Charlotte Ruby, in January 2021, Kerry drew has she hands pretty full. It can be that Kerry attracted is acquisition a leave from the Fox News team to gain some well-earned sleep. Some of her partner commenting top top Kerry’s Instagram post, such together Elisa DiStefano, speak that Kerry acquiring some sleep and also taking a break.


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