The Disney Channel's an excellent Luck Charlie featured the network's first same-sex pair in the Jan. 26 episode.

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While Macklemore to be rapping about marriage equality ~ above the Grammys stage, the Disney Channel was making a explain of its very own on Sunday, Jan. 26. The network featured its an initial ever same-sex pair on the present Good lucky Charlie.

After announcing the decision in June 2013, the channel finally yielded when lesbian mothers Susan and also Cheryl reduce off their daughter Taylor for a play day with the main family’s daughter Charlie. 

Disney even included in part humor come the arrival when Charlie’s parental Amy (Leigh-Allyn Baker) and Bob (Eric Allan Kramer) room confused about who Taylor’s mother was prior to meeting the couple. 

“Taylor has two moms!” Bob claimed after meeting the two women, proving he had actually been ideal in calling one of the moms Cheryl. 

“Wow, nothing gets past you, Bob,” his mam sarcastically replied.

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Actress Desi Lydic, who played mother Susan, tweeted to excited pan after the episode aired, “I’m so proud come be component of the episode! go Disney! #equality.”

The show has been on because 2010 and is right now in that fourth and also final season. Critical June, Disney channel producer spoke through TV Guide about the groundbreaking decision to incorporate a same-sex couple on the children show. 

“This particular storyline was emerged under the consultancy of child advancement experts and community advisors,” a Disney Channel spokesperson told TV Guide. “Like all Disney Channel programming, it was arisen to be relevant to kids and families roughly the world and to reflect themes that diversity and also inclusiveness.”


The Disney Channel sitcom an excellent Luck Charlie is in that is fourth and also final season. DISNEY CHANNEL/Bob D"Amico

At the moment of the announcement, former Disney star Miley Cyrus tweeted the end in assistance of her previous network’s decision. 

“I commend Disney because that making this step into the irradiate of this generation,” she wrote. “They control…so lot of what children think! Life no bright set & wardrobe & kids coming to be superstars! This is INSPIRING.”

But no everyone was together pleased together Cyrus was with the family-based programming. 

One Million Moms — the same group who led a boycott top top JCPennys because that naming Ellen DeGeneres as an ambassador — posted an official speak to to activity on their website based on the historic episode. 

“Disney has chose to it is in politically correct instead of giving family-friendly programming,” the group wrote. “Disney should stick to entertaining, not pushing one agenda. Conservative households need to urge Disney to stop controversial object that kids are much too young come comprehend. This is the last ar a parent would expect their youngsters to be challenged with subject that are too complicated for them to understand. Mature worries of this nature space being introduced too early and also too soon, and it is extremely unnecessary.”

The Susan and also Cheryl characters are not expected to appear on the collection after the Jan. 26 episode. 


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