A an excellent Samaritan to be fatally shooting Friday by the man he to be trying to help in the Bandys neighborhood of Catawba County, the Raleigh News & Observer reports.

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The car driven by the shooter, Sheriff Coy Reid said, had actually slid turn off icy Mathis Church Road and was stuck, once a passing car with 2 or three men stopped to help about 5 p.m. Friday.

The shooter became belligerent towards the men. “They believed he was drunk and said ‘let’s just call the law and let them address it,’ ” Reid said.

As castle walked to their car, the shooter pulled out a pistol and also started firing. Among the guys fell and also the shooter walked come him and also shot that “numerous times,” the sheriff said. The shooter returned to his automobile as deputies arrived. They shouted for him to obtain out. When he didn’t, they referred to as in a SWAT team. The team pulled their armored auto up come the shooter’s car and saw that he was passed out, Reid said.

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They physically gotten rid of the suspect and also arrested the on killing charges. Reid didn’t release any names.

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