Fans the the iconic 70s sitcom 'Good Times' are gaining a distinct treat in the kind of a 'Live in former of a Studio Audience' take.

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Esther Rolle as Florida Evans. (CBS)

Rolle play the matriarch that the Evans family, that alongside her husband James, was component of the working course duo elevating three kids in a Chicago real estate project ago in the 70s. She was finest known for her function in the "Good Times" parent present — "Maude", where she starred for 2 seasons, prior to venturing off to the sitcom the earned her a golden Globe compensation for ideal Actress — Television collection Musical or Comedy in 1976. In 1979, Rolle additionally won the Emmy compensation for superior Supporting Actress in a minimal Series or special for "Summer of my German Soldier". She passed away in 1998 from complications of diabetes, simply nine job after transforming 78.

John Amos aka James Evans Sr

John Amos together James Evans Sr. (Giphy)

Amos to be the face of the patriarch James Sr — a veteran of the oriental war — who regardless of his appointment to provide for his family, just ends increase finding strange jobs due to the fact that of his lack of education. If Amos did bring out the reality of a struggling family man in the 70s, he went on to quit the display after 3 of that six-year run owing to an innovative disputes v Lear. Following his stint v the CBS sitcom, the went on come star in the 1977 miniseries "Roots" and earned one among his countless Emmy nominations to follow v the food of his career. 2 marriages and also two children later, Amos has been a resides of Tewksbury Township, new Jersey.

Ja"Net DuBois aka Willona Woods

Ja"Net DuBois as Willona Woods. (CBS)

As the family"s nearby friend, the sassy and also sometimes gossipy Willona to be made evergreen through DuBois — the American actress, singer-songwriter and also dancer. DuBois likewise co-wrote and also sang "The Jeffersons" design template song, prior to co-starring in movies prefer "I"m Gonna Git girlfriend Sucka" (1988) and also "Charlie"s Angels: full Throttle" (2003.) Her television work had "Moesha", "The Steve Harvey Show", "A various World", and also "The Wayans Bros". She likewise had two children: Rani DuBois, and Raj Kristo Gupta, who passed away of cancer in 1987 in ~ 36.

Jimmie pedestrian aka James "JJ" Evans Jr

Jimmie walker as JJ. (CBS)

The Evans" earliest child, JJ, v his goofball ladies man persona and also a flair for art was made iconic by Walker and also then, the course, over there is the catchphrase: "Dy-no-mite!" Walker, a comedian, winner a golden Globe nomination for ideal Supporting actor In A Television series in 1975 and also 1976 for play JJ. Well-known for his distaste for previous president Barrack Obama, and also support for sitting chairman Donald Trump, walker still travels nationwide, touring for his wake up comedy routine.

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BernNadette Stanis aka Thelma Evans Anderson

BernNadette Stanis together Thelma. (CBS)

The no-nonsense and also responsible Thelma, that was likewise a destructive cook, to be played by BernNadette Stanis, that went ~ above to author five books: "Situations 101: Relationships", "The Good, The bad & The Ugly"; "For males Only"; "Situations 101: Finances"; and also "The last Night". Married 4 times and a mom of two daughters, Stanis" recent credits room from 2015, in the TV show "Black Jesus" and also the movie "36 Hour Layover".