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southern Park ar - Season 8 - illustration 801 - an excellent Times with WeaponsSome info and also a short description the this southern Park episode on south Park Zone:South Park - good Times through Weapons is episode 112 of south Park and also the an initial episode the Season 8. It originally aired on in march 17, 2004. The episode"s animation routinely switches indigenous the usual cutout-and-solid-color format to a extremely stylized anime theme.In this southern Park episode, the boys satisfy a merchant selling "authentic tools from the far East." castle buy Japanese weapons and also they ~ pretend to it is in ninjas, and also they transform into anime-like characters having your individual superpowers, however when they struggle Butters through a throw star, they have to rush to acquire Butters clinical attention without acquiring caught.South Park Spoiler Alert!(The complete plot because that this southern Park Episode)
At the south Park county Fair, our boys come across a vendor dealing "authentic weapons from the much East." ~ tricking him into selling them number of dangerous ninja weapons (parental permission is required if the confident buyer is under 18; Cartman provides this details to pretend that he, Kenny, Kyle and Stan room orphaned brothers, a ruse the boys have apparently effectively used "like twelve times" in the past), they pretend to it is in ninjas, just to transform right into anime-like characters with their very own individual superpowers, together the computer animation style takes on an as whole Japanese look and also switches to a Cinemascope facet ratio. The guys refuse come let butter play, for this reason he becomes his alter ego, Professor Chaos, and also sets turn off to struggle them in a stylized anime sequence. The sequence ends abruptly when Kenny throw a shuriken in ~ Butters, whom they all see as Chaos, which access time him in the eye and gets stuck. Come avoid having to describe themselves and getting right into trouble through their parental by taking him come a consistent hospital along with playing v weapons, the boys decide come dress butters up as a dog and begin their journey to the regional veterinarian.The guys hide butter in an exit stove prior to facing off v Craig"s gang, that have additionally acquired ninja tools out that envy. After ~ an epos battle, the boys realize that Butters has disappeared and shot to uncover him prior to he have the right to tell anyone, enlisting Craig"s gang in the search. Meanwhile, Butters provides his way to the hospital, however his disguise stupid the doctor, who sends out him to the animal shelter. In ~ the shelter, the still-wounded butter is urinated and defecated on through multiple other dogs. The elderly animal doctor, likewise fooled, provides no attempt to treat him, preparing instead to put him to sleep. Prior to he deserve to do so, however, butters escapes, therefore the doctor merely says, "Oh, well. Let"s murder among these various other dogs."The guys decide to dispose the the evidence and also return to the fair to have the seller refund your weapons, but Craig and the others inform them the they have actually seen butter wandering about on the various other side of the fair auction. Cartman pretends to be invisible to acquire to butters undetected, unwittingly exposing himself onstage come the shocked audience. Butters stumbles onto the phase a couple of moments later and collapses. The last scene shows the townsfolk protesting at an emergency meeting around the outrage at the auction.

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The boys are under the impression that the angry in inquiry is Butters" wound, yet it quickly transpires that the real issue is Cartman"s public nudity. Cartman defines that it was a "wardrobe malfunction," and the episode ends v the other three guys addressing the worry that adults are an ext offended by s3x over violence, allowing them to keep their weapons.