Robin Williams is part of what renders Good will certainly Hunting together a fantastic film. It’s tough to imagine anyone else illustrating therapist Dr. Sean Maguire, a pivotal duty in the project and a memorable character every around. Williams aided shape that component both through his creative energy and also by ad-libbing lines.

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Most Good will certainly Hunting fans already know exactly how Williams went off script throughout the infamous scene as soon as he discusses his wife’s night flatulence. However it transforms out that wasn’t Matt Damon’s favorite little of creative genius that Williams delivered.

‘Good will Hunting’ damaged the mold because that Hollywood dramas

The central theme behind Good will Hunting no a totally brand-new concept — after ~ all, it wasn’t the very first rags come riches, underdog story in Hollywood. However this distinct script the Damon wrote during his fifth year in ~ Harvard had so lot heart and also earnestness that it became a nationwide success story.

Damon was completely unknown in ~ the time and also had come fight tough to store his starring component as the MIT janitor who was a an enig genius. Meanwhile, the based the component of Dr. Maguire top top a combination of Damon’s mother and also Affleck’s father.

Williams carried his very own spin come the role. And also he went turn off script sufficient to make the component truly unforgettable.

Fans love the story the Dr. Maguire’s mam farting


Robin Williams | Vera Anderson/WireImage

One the the funniest parts of the severe film is once Dr. Maguire is telling Will around his late wife. Damon later described that the totality scene to be ad-libbed, which is why he is laughing so hard. Perceptive fans even notification the camera shaking since the person filming is cracking up, too.

“She supplied to fart in her sleep,” Williams says. “One night it was so according to it woke the dog up. She wake up up and also was like, ‘Oh, was that you?’ I’d go, ‘Yeah’ – I simply didn’t have actually the heart to phone call her,” he continues.

Crying while laughing, Damon asks: “That she woke herself up?”

Williams nods if both laugh even harder. That the perfect scene that virtually never happened, but it’s no Damon’s favorite.

Matt Damon appreciated Robin Williams’ last line in ‘Good will certainly Hunting’

Williams ad-libbed lines in numerous movies he operated on, not just Good will Hunting, and also he was an excellent at it. And also while Damon took pleasure in the farting bit, he was a lot more impressed by Williams including in the last heat of the movie.

In the end, Will searching turns under the prestigious project his professor to adjust up for him, opting rather to journey to California come reconnect with the mrs he loves. That a controversial move but is eventually realistic because that the character.

“Son that a b—-. That stole mine line,” Williams states in the end, i beg your pardon was also an ad-lib moment. Later, Damon claims that’s his favorite of the actors’ contribute to the film. No wonder Williams winner the Academy compensation for best Supporting gibbs in 1998 for his job-related on the project.

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Good will certainly Hunting wouldn’t be the same without Damon and Williams and the magic castle make with each other on screen.

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