The cloud storage battle is heater up. Dropbox is getting more and an ext competition, and also now Google has actually joined the fray v Google Drive. We’re not going to compare features in this article, but rather check something we have the right to actually measure. And also since we right here at priziv.org perform site surveillance we have focused on how these solutions compare in regards to performance and reliability.

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To make this survey even more interesting, we also added two other record hosting services: Microsoft’s SkyDrive and also Box.com. Castle should offer us some additional perspective.

To screen reliability and performance, in this certain case we thought their homepages to be less vital than the actual document hosting lock offer, so the is what we concentrated on. We uploaded the very same identical file to the 4 services, a small PNG image, and also made it publicly easily accessible so we could monitor it.

Service reliability

First we should get the reliability question out that the way. Our monitoring indicates that all of these services offer an excellent availability, v some young differences.

During the 30 job of this survey, the only company that had actually zero downtime to be Box.com. However, Google journey was an extremely close to acquiring a perfect score below as well, with just 1 minute the downtime. This means that both had 100.00% uptime (that minute for Google is too quick a time duration to present up unless you add an ext decimal points).

Box.com and Google Drive need to be applauded for having no or close come no downtime over the time duration of this survey.

Dropbox had actually a perfect document until the an extremely last work of this inspection (yesterday) when it had actually a solitary 13-minute outage, report the company unavailable once we accessed the file. The still puts it in ~ a an extremely respectable 99.97% uptime. You could say that poor timing maintained Dropbox from obtaining a perfect score in this survey.

Microsoft’s SkyDrive was having actually some worries at the beginning of this survey, through multiple quick outages that 1-2 minute each. This was additionally noticeable indigenous a power standpoint, which you have the right to read more about more down in this article. That said, with just a full of 15 minute of downtime it can hardly be referred to as a disaster. When rounded off, this puts SkyDrive in ~ 99.97% uptime.

So, in short, end 30 days this is the score in terms of paper availability:

Box.com – No downtime, 100.00% uptimeGoogle Drive – 1 minute of downtime, 100.00% uptimeDropbox – 13 minute of downtime, 99.97% uptimeSkyDrive – 15 minutes of downtime, 99.97% uptime

In ours opinion, the amount of downtime we observed was totally acceptable. No business will have perfect access in the long run. The vital thing is that outages are encountered swiftly and also don’t occur too often.

Tests were performed as soon as per minute, and also downtime was always verified native two different monitoring places to prevent false positives (the priziv.org monitoring business does this automagically).


It could be suggested that due to the fact that files organized on these solutions aren’t really intended for performance-sensitive resources, only sharing, power isn’t as important here together reliability. We think both matters, for the basic reason that user convenience, because that the same reason we like a quick website come a slow one.

The URL us monitored was the one you acquire from the various services because that publicly accessing a file. Worth noting is the Google Drive, SkyDrive and Box.com all include a little wrapper page to a common file, i beg your pardon of course adds a little of overhead to pack times.

Larger version of the chart.

We began the survey prior to Dropbox announced that decision come drop support for publicly folders for new accounts, instead adopting one approach much more similar that offered by Google drive et al. This survey supplied Dropbox’s publicly Folders feature, so it’s quite feasible that shared records will have some added overhead over what you check out here, however we haven’t had time come test that yet.

So who wins this? Google Drive and Dropbox are clearly pretty close, and also don’t forget the Google likewise includes that wrapper page for the file so it is a specific amount that overhead. Lock both offer significantly better performance than both SkyDrive and Box.com here.

An interesting trend is that every one of these services, to various extents, have better performance once accessed from areas in north America contrasted to Europe. Google has actually the most geographically even service in regards to performance, through Dropbox a near second.

An additional note about SkyDrive

SkyDrive was clearly having some worries when we began this survey, which influenced its performance results in this survey. The is additionally when that clocked in the downtime we detected. Friend can plainly see exactly how performance readjusted over the course of this survey.


Shown over is the fill time of the image and also its wrapper page on SkyDrive. The graph is indigenous the mine priziv.org control panel.

Final words, and a verdict

It’s amazing to keep in mind how countless cloud storage services there are out there, and so many that provide storage for free (all 4 in this survey execute this). There plainly isn’t a absence of options.

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That said, Dropbox has a large fan base, and also not without reason. We usage Dropbox broadly here in ~ priziv.org for various purposes, and think the a great tool which uses a very good user experience.

However, this survey was all around numbers. To answer the early stage question, what happens when you to compare the performance and reliability of Dropbox and Google Drive? The price is that they are close sufficient that the differences don’t really matter in this case. Usage the one you think provides you the ideal user experience. Or why not usage both?