Google Fiber offers extraordinary speeds of 1 and also 2 Gbps at competitive prices, if girlfriend live in the right place.

PlanPriceDownload speedData capDetails
Google Fiber 1000$701000 MbpsUnlimitedCheck Availability
Google Fiber 2000$1002000 MbpsUnlimitedCheck Availability

PriceDownload speedData capDetails
$701000 MbpsUnlimitedCheck Availability
$1002000 MbpsUnlimitedCheck Availability

Looking because that a much faster internet provider? Google Fiber uses gigabit speeds the don"t expense an arm and a leg. Check out our review to view if it"s appropriate for you.

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Google recently included a 2 Gig setup with—you guessed it—2,000 Mbps speeds. It"s accessible almost everywhere Google Fiber"s 1 Gig setup is offered, and costs $100 a month.
are you enduring financial hardships because of COVID-19? Google Fiber supplies the following resources that may help:No so late fees. Google Fiber doesn"t charge late fees ever, only reconnect fees if your service is disconnected. Friend can call customer organization to have your reconnect fees waived.No data caps. Every Google Fiber plan automatically come with limitless data.You deserve to read more about Google Fiber"s solution to COVID-19, and we expect you and your household are remaining safe.
Google Fiber has signed the Federal communications Commission"s (FCC"s) keeping Americans linked Pledge in solution to the coronavirus pandemic. This way that, for the next 60 days, Google Fiber customers deserve to expect the following:No service disconnects (be certain to call customer organization if you receive a late payment notice)Waived so late fees (Google Fiber never ever charged late fees in the an initial place)Public Wi-Fi hotspots for anyone in the USNo data caps—Google Fiber has constantly had limitless dataYou can read more about Google Fiber"s an answer to COVID-19, and also we hope you and your household are remaining safe.

Google Fiber gives affordable, fast, and also reliable web that lives up to the hype. It’s repeatedly earned among the top five spots in our evaluation of net speeds.

But the biggest difficulty is the it still there is no landed in plenty of places across the country. For this reason if you’re lucky enough to have actually Google Fiber net in your city, is it precious the cost? Let’s destruction in.


quick internet speeds up to 2,000 MbpsAffordable No contracts compelled


minimal availability

Find out if Google Fiber is easily accessible near you.

Google Fiber prices and also plans

Google Fiber price are fantastic for the speed you get.

Google Fiber has actually two types of plans: Fiber and Webpass. Fiber operates like many other internet company providers (ISPs): the hooks up individual residences to the internet.

And recently, Google Fiber introduced a 2nd fiber internet setup with accelerates to 2,000 Mbps. Both that is 1 gig and also 2 gig plans are priced reasonably contrasted to the competition and also come with endless data. And also both plan offer enough speed for a big family, home full of roommates, or even a small business.

Google Fiber internet plans
PlanPriceDownload speedUpload speedDetails
Google Fiber 1000$70*1000 Mbps1000 MbpsCheck Availability
Google Fiber 2000$100*2000 Mbps1000 MbpsCheck Availability

* Terms and Conditions: add to taxes and fees. Organization not accessible in all areas. If you live in one apartment or condo, Google Fibers ability to build and carry out Fiber is topic to the ongoing agreement between Google Fiber and the property owner. Upload/download speed and machine streaming claims are based on maximum wired speeds. Actual net speeds are not guaranteed and also may vary based on factors such together hardware and software limitations, latency, packet loss, etc

Webpass is unique due to the fact that it’s accessible only in details apartment and office structures located in Austin, Chicago, Denver, Miami, Nashville, Oakland, mountain Diego, mountain Francisco, and Seattle.

But the Webpass company is nice straightforward, also though your price and also download speeds count on where you live.

Google Fiber Webpass internet
PlanPriceDownload speedData capDetails
Google Fiber WebpassUp come $70.00/mo.Up to 1,000 MbpsUnlimitedCheck Availability

For example, part Webpass cities offer a discounted price if you pay for a year in advance—in one instance we discovered that equaled out to a $700 payment up-front. But if girlfriend don’t have actually that lot cash ~ above hand, you can still opt because that the up to $70.00 month-to-month payment plan.

We even discovered an apartment structure in mountain Francisco wherein Google Fiber Webpass was included as one amenity, an interpretation you’d salary nothing for gigabit speed if you live there. (Though you’d still salary those sky-high mountain Francisco real estate prices.)

Webpass speeds likewise depend on her building’s infrastructure. So you may gain speeds slower than 1,000 Mbps—but Google plays fair by discounting her monthly expense if your structure can’t assistance gig speeds.

We saw this same play at work at an additional apartment structure in san Francisco whereby the fastest speed was 500 Mbps. Because that’s slower than the max Google Fiber Webpass speed of 1,000 Mbps, the monthly expense was discounted to $60.00 a month.

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You’ll need to examine your certain address to uncover out i m sorry payment plans and speeds are obtainable to you.