Navigation ~ above Google solutions is not very intuitive in ~ all, and also becoming less so through the month.

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Using YouTube has come to be a little annoying and also the YouTube ar has come to be kind of lame.

Google is constantly do the efforts to use my phone for stuff I'm do the efforts to execute online.

Google is continually trying come get more personal info off that me.

I hate the truth that ns feel this method as I've traditionally been a large proponent of most things the Google does. But ever because the changes to YT, ns feel favor my experiences through Google have obtained progressively more complicated and convoluted.

Google feels an extremely invasive and frustrating come me appropriate now.

I don't use Facebook, and I don't want to usage Google+, no matter just how much Google is trying come cram it under my throat.

Am ns the just one that feels this way?

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I only have actually one gmail. Maps and also YouTube got a lil weird yet I've gained used come the brand-new changes. Other than that, i can't sympathize.

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Managing email accounts has become convoluted and annoying.

Are you referring to regulating multiple accounts? Or something else?

If it's the former, I've discovered that utilizing the multiple users feature of Chrome makes having actually multiple Google account quite much easier to job-related with.

Navigation ~ above Google services is not really intuitive in ~ all, and becoming less so by the month.

Can you carry out any examples of what you are referring to? i personally don't feel that way...

Using YouTube has end up being a small annoying and the YouTube neighborhood has end up being kind of lame.

"Annoying" is nice subjective. Ns can't necessarily say the I like all the cosmetic transforms YouTube has actually made in recent years, however the overall feature set and functionality has improved rather a bit. Also, girlfriend can't yes, really blame Google if you find the neighborhood "lame". I recognize a the majority of folks didn't choose that they readjusted the commenting attribute to connect to Google+, but the truth is that now the video clip comments are actually much more constructive and valid, whereas before it was a wasteland of youth remarks and also borderline dislike speech.

Google is constantly trying to usage my phone for stuff I'm trying to perform online.


Google is continuous trying to get much more personal details off of me.

I acquire this...but you really aren't obligated to share anything girlfriend don't want. Fact is, a most Google "features" (like Google Now) require at least a minimum amount of an individual data come configure a profile, but you can constantly opt-out the that sort of stuff if you want to.

I don't usage Facebook, and also I don't desire to use Google+, no matter how much Google is trying to cram it down my throat.

I think too many world confuse Google+ with strictly "social networking", however that is only part of the services offered under the "Google+ umbrella". It's just branding. If you already have a Google account, you have Google+. You don't need to utilize the social networking component of it to interact with human being if friend don't desire to, yet avoiding details services just due to the fact that they loss under Google+ (i.e. Android photo backup) doesn't make much sense in that regard.

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The truth is the you are cost-free to select what Google solutions you use and/or don't use.