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Ruobing Su/Business Insider

How is Bernie Sanders viewed by various wings the the autonomous party?

Sanders does especially well amongst those who identified as an extremely liberal or center liberal. The does an extremely poorly among those who identify as just slightly liberal or no liberal no one conservative.

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Ruobing Su/Business Insider

How lot money has actually Bernie Sanders raised?

He raised$6 million in the 24 hrs after authorized the 2020 presidential race.Despite swearing turn off all private fundraising, Sanders has actually raised the many money the end of any other candidate in the race.

How is Bernie Sanders perceived by voters compared to the competition?

Insider has carried out a variety of other polls to inspect in on exactly how these candidates are regarded in comparison to one another. Once we asked respondent to one poll to rank how much to the left or to the best they thought about the candidates, Bernie Sanders to be by a long shot regarded as the single most left-leaning candidate in the field. Sanders is the second-most competent candidate in the ar after just Biden when we asked respondents to location the candidates based upon how all set they space for the rigors of the presidency given what castle knew around theirhistory of publicly service and experience with government. And when asked exactly how likable or personable respondents viewed the candidates come be, Sanders was discovered to be the third-most likeable in the field, though was considered an ext likable by guys than women.

Could Bernie Sanders beat chairman Trump?

Referring ago to INSIDER"s recurring poll, Bernie Sanders in its entirety is thought to be a solid candidate in a general election versus Donald Trump compared to your usual Democrat. Because that a typical candidate, the majority of respondents room undecided around how they think they"d perform, but not Sanders: just shy of half of world who speak they"ll poll in the autonomous primary think he"d to win Trump, and around a third think he"d lose. That winning portion is more than twenty clues points higher than typical, i m sorry is rather great among the 2020 contenders.

How do democratic voters feel around Bernie Sanders"s qualifications?

Insider has carried out polling about how voters feel about candidate features or qualifications. We asked respondents about a perform of possible qualifications and also if they make them much more likely or much less likely to vote for a candidate for president.

For example, among respondents who stated they"d vote in the autonomous primary, 19% stated a candidate gift a university professor made them likelier to assistance them, if 4% claimed it made them much less likely to, for a +15% net favorability. We deserve to then check out how different candidates" resumes stack up contrasted to those preferences.

Attributes regarded as most beneficial include released tax returns (+43%), condition as a councilor (+40%), that he flourished up poor (+28%), background as an activist (+28%), his 20+ years of government company (+21%), condition as a child of immigrant (+21%), and also identity together a autonomous socialist (+18%).

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Attributes thought about to be a liability based on the choices of self-reported autonomous voters incorporate vote because that 1994 crime invoice (-8%), and also his period of 70 or over (-24%).